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    Bob Lazar and the case for alien visitation.

    Just updating the thread here. Bob Lazar is one of the most credible of whistle blowers. Virtually the only problem confirming his claim has been trying to find out "how" he could have been to a university with no record of him as a student. But a lot more checks out. Lazar claims that he was working on a system on an alien space craft in the Nevada military complex near area 51. Again I would encourage people to look at what he said, his claims, and what substantiates them.

    Here is a presentation about the interview regarding his body language... First thing always to determine: does the person believe it himself? So here we go:

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      There are CRAZY conspiracy theories and there are conspiracies that are either true or very close to the truth. One conspiracy theory is that Chemtrails exist and that the chemicals are dispensed by high flying military jets. I've done a lot of research on this theory and found that it is factually true. Still there are many people who will ridicule a believer of this particular conspiracy theory.


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        There's a goldmine of free, high quality conspiracy theory books at this site:

        The shortest read and best place to start in my opinion is "The Illuminati and the CFR" by Myron Fagan.

        Gary Allen's classic "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" is also available there.
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          I thought I had put up stuff on the process and laurel Canyon! Apparently not...So here we go. This is related to a lot of different movements of a large scale Satanic group known as the process. They bankrolled such operations as the entire Rock and Roll movement in the 60's, and the sacrifices that took place with the Son of Sam Killings where the liate David berkowitz stated that he was part of this network responsible for sacrificing animals and people. this network is a cluster fck... they have many succesful individuals who are powerful in their own right, in addition to their monumental work on Laurel Canyon.

          here are some links on Laurel Canyon... Basically, the lead singer for the mama's and papa's, Cass Elliot was rumered to know where all the "bodies were buried" so to speak, she and Jim morrison, Frank Zappa, the beach Boys, and so many others had families that were high level military... and who may have used their kids, most of whom died young, to perpetuate the hhippie movement.

          The Process

          The astute observer will notice the cross connection with Sientology, and L R Hubbard was part of a group including Jack Parlance, who was a student of Goddard, and founded Caltech institute... this group had ties to the process as well. Many even feel as though Parlance was a Satanist... There are so many rabbit holes here! The CIA was probably also involved in pushing certain musical groups to see the potential of such drugs as LSD... could they be weaponized? etc...


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            Ghost of Dempsey has posted some great info on the Son of Sam Process Satanic group connection: I am posting information he shared on a thread in the general lounge section, as it is great source material for our information dump:

            This guy is on to something and his videos are addicting. He has unraveled a lot of leads since this first video. He takes you to scene of the rituals and homes of some of the key players involved. In later videos he interviews one of the surviving SoS shooting victims who also insists it was a woman who shot him, not Berkowitz.


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              This is a thread started by Shoulder Roll with excellent information on this the whole situation with Son of Sam aka David Berkowitz and the Satanic group, the process. I am cross referencing it in our information dump because it has some great source material on this situation. Shout out to Shoulder Roll and Ghost of Dempsey for providing a very germaine topic that shows a real connection to the power elite and Satanism.


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