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Conspiracy Research Thread: How it is done, and Information feed.

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  • Conspiracy Research Thread: How it is done, and Information feed.

    hey gang,

    I am hoping maybe I can convince the mods to make this thread a regular one here in the lounge, for the following reason. There is a lot of confusion about researching information that is considered conspiratorial in nature. There are two issues that seem to confuse people. The first issue is what the different sources mean, and where they become relevant to an issue. The second issue is how source materials become relevant to an inquiry.

    There is also a tendency for disinformation to spread when there is perhaps a legitimate inquiry that might expose a particular issue. Many people here expect a magical source to come about and reveal something fantastic. It does not work that way. So what are some modes of research that we can use?

    Correlation. Carl Jung famously describes a beach with a few items cast about. He describes how a Western trained mind looking for linear causality would not see much of anything. he goes on to describe how through relationship to the objects we find correlations: A shoe, a hairbrush, perhaps a beach towel... None of these objects alone means anything, but together they could indicate the presence of someone.

    When looking at a conspiracy there might be information in a lot of places. One must find a way to take this data out and see the relationship between many little facts. Many of these facts can be overlooked!let me stop here and say it is my policy to always give examples. lets use the Billy Meier case as an example. Meier is thought, to this day to be a fraud. I am not so sure. Meier was meticulous and able to type almost two hundred words a minute with one arm (lost his arm in an accident). Initially when his data was presented in the seventies, nobody could duplicate his photos or films of flying saucers. These are all things you guys can look up BTW.

    Later on, Meier was shot at, his family threatened and suddenly it was discovered that some of his space photos were taken out of books, and that some of his photos had models used in their construction. The official line is that Meier was just a very good Fakir. But lets look at some correlative material for a moment. First off, how did his photos change so much? originally they were found to be authentic, no models used, and no technology existed to make the effects he would later be accused of using.

    And the materials stolen from his photos? the aliens pictured were Dean Martin's showgirls! The pics came out of science books...What happened here?

    Materials that were analyzed at a lab and found to be not of this world also dissapeared. And his wife found models that Meier constructed for his pictures.

    now lets look at some other correlations. Meier was shot at and threatened allegedly by the government. This was documented. Meier's family and the compound where he lived was harassed as well. And what of Meier? a man who was very bright, very able...could do no better than to pull pictures out of common books and hope no one would discover them?

    What the situation as a whole tells me is that if I correlate all these facts, whether Meier is real, or not, he is being set up. First off, disinformation is such that when the internet started opening up, which correlates with when Meier's materials were labelled as fraudulent, it would be easy to put out very similar materials that were fraudulent. Similar pics, and similar films, etc. That makes more sense, knowing how meticulous this man was, than the fact that in the space of time his materials suddenly looked amateurish when the original tapes, some of which still exist, do not look amateurish at all.

    Meier has gone on record as not fighting these accusations. He happens to not want to fight, and to be left alone and may well feel that his family might be killed.

    Ok so I gave a very roughshod example here. I am not trying to argue that Meier is 100% and there is a lot more to this...But what I want people to see is that there is no one source, or another to appeal to here. You have to look at motive (to shut Billy Up) , opportunity (the internet) and patterns that make sense. You have to know for example that Meier was a pascifist, a man who wanted to be left have to know that many people came to him and requested his materials and that when they left his home, any disinfo agent savy could then make materials that were fraudulent and claim they were his... You have to know that his original films, at the time, were declared impossible to fake. You have to know that people who attacked Billy like Colonel Corco had agendas....

    I have created a thesis and point of view from many different sources. When people were interviewed about Meier, when his past is examined, we fill in more and more blanks. Eventually we get to a point where we can make a judgement about the data, but it does not occur in a vacuum.

    This is good for a first post, chime in if there is an interest.
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    Correlation Part 2

    We have discussed and given an example of the first type of correlation. Lets remember that correlating information does not prove something the same way a fact does. It leads us to understanding the facts, and it allows us to see when we are dealing with facts. The first type of correlation is when we have a lot of indicators that tell us something. I used an example to illustrate this type of correlation.

    The second type is when we have several pieces of information that tell us the same thing. So, lets say we have a lot of witnesses and a time line that point to the same conclusion. Together these facts coming from different sources, are much stronger than one bit of information coming from one source. Lets use a recent example: Bob Lazar, a whistle blower from the Nevada complex surrounding Area 51 and Groom Lake.

    Lazar claims we have back engineered alien technology. He claims to have worked on such technology. It is relevant that for the last 20 years, or so, Lazar has never deviated from his claim, and his story has been consistent. This was checked by comparing interviews with him as a young man, up until interviews done recently. Eye witness accounts regarding observing test flights at night, including film, also confirm Bob's story. Furthermore proof, like a check stub, indicate that he was employed by the Government.

    One of the biggest problems with Lazar's story was finding proof that he was educated where he said he had gone to school. So what researchers did was to find individuals who remembered Lazar. Lazar has become a very credible whistle blower and may well become a harbinger to disclosure. Yet, there is no single fact, no photograph, no material sample, that indicates Lazar is being truthful. For one to look at Lazar one would have to know about his relationship to Jim Lear (of Lear jet fame), his own business ventures, and his alleged description of working in a top secret area... a description that holds up, including witnesses that have testified that they saw Bob.

    So now we have a good idea about Correlation in its two forms.


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      You had me at jung.. it...or jhonny will get into your heads and Azz.

      He will take your souls,and piss on your chit on your shotes..

      I love conspiracy theories
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        Witnesses. Truth and Lies

        The best trained individuals who look at body language and are trained to spot deception, all agree that what we all look for in a testimony is a valid understanding of credibility regarding testimony of a witness. Human beings are not good at deception. When we lie we usually give indications we are not telling the truth. One can go on Youtube and see many videos on this subject. I am simply condensing the conclusions for our purposes. Holding our mouth, looking away...the body often acts in contrast to what is said when a person is lying.

        Beyond these indications we usually have a motive for lying. When a person is lying there are often opposing facts regarding their persona. You see this with many whistle blowers. One job of a researcher is to follow these lines and see if a person is inconsistent. For example, Jay Parker claims he came from an Illuminati family in the Arden Delaware area. He seems relatively intelligent and all...But if we look down that rabbit hole we would find that his family disputes the claim. Nothing weird about that...except that we learn that many Illuminati claims involve "repressed memories." This is a very convenient manner to avoid showing proof of these claims.

        This brings us to a very important point: before we can even establish if a whistle blower is telling the truth, or not, we must establish whether that individual BELIEVES they are telling the truth. This point cannot be overstated...In a landmark study on people who claim they were abducted by space aliens, a Harvard Psychologist firmly established, through behavioral principles, that people believed what they were telling him. Most people who had these experiences were normal... They did not suffer from delusions, contrary to popular opinion. So we have normal people who seem to recognize reality and fantasy, who say they have experienced something out of the ordinary.

        Notice that none of this information establishes any fact...But it is a correlation that indicates a great deal to someone who wants to get at the truth about abductions. Once we establish that these people seemingly have no motives to describe such an event as an abduction...which exposes one to ridicule, and once we establish they believe what they are telling us, we have a great foundation to look for physical proof of the events described.

        It should also be noted that there are some individuals who can lie. We can get into that later down the road.


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          Originally posted by Zaroku View Post
          You had me at jung.. it...or jhonny will get into your heads and Azz.

          He will ake your Wilmington, piss on your chit.. Iíve kicked him... e pretended to be hurt...poor lil chihuahua...
          Brother Z!

          Welcome. I am making this thread to clear up ignorance regarding extraordinary claims. Got sick of repeating myself about some of the details so thought i would put it all here. Im going to be in SF from the 15th to about the 18th or so, i might buy a one way and keep the return date open.


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            Is there a difference between this lounge and the other one?


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              Originally posted by miron_lang View Post
              Is there a difference between this lounge and the other one?
              I set up a pol on the other one Miron. This is the main information dump and a place where different types of proof can be discussed. Glad to see you, I am using the pol in the other thread to see if people want this thread, or not and maybe it could be a "lounge."


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                Jeff Epstein Possible Mossad connections lets look at his girlfriend

                Lets look at the theory that Epstein was a Mossad agent. One possible clue to this is the history of his girlfriend's family. ghislaine maxwell is daughter to the late Robert Maxwell. Maxwell was a tycoon, fraudster, and publisher who may himself have been "suicided." Officially he was found overboard his yacht, naked and dead.

                Maxwell is Jewish, and was a freedom fighter and later a supporter of Israel. Im not going to do the research here, but if one looks at Maxwell and his daughter one will see things that correlate to a relationship with the Israeli deep state by this family. And that is one interesting detail about Epstein as well, when the idea of a honey trap sprung by intelligence agents is discussed. We also have alleged statements from the Florida DA (Acosta) that Epstein was "hands off" and Mossad.

                This gives one a general idea about how an idea like this is looked at initially. Does it mean Epstein was definitely Mossad? No. But it gives an indication through separate leads that there might be something to this theory.


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                  The Pedo network Geography

                  When we discuss the Pedo network there are certain places that have a lot of activity. Its important to be aware of these places. In certain locations Pedo networks have been uncovered and exposed. I want to briefly discuss these locations. This list is not exhaustive and feel free to contribute to it.



                  Belgian serial killer Marc Dutroux

                  Again. These are links to the major individuals.



                  In Switzerland unlike France and Germany which also have similar problems, there are some peculiar institutions. More on this later But it ties in. Again this is an information dump and the purpose here is to understand that there are factors that make Switzerland very dangerous this way.


                  The Island of Jersey stands out as a location that is steeped in the evils of pedo activity.


                  Oklahoma/boys Town



                  To: Washington DC

                  See Above

                  These are some areas, not exclusive by any means, but areas that there is documented proof of Pedo rings operating.

                  What is interesting is that when we look at people involved some of the same people reappear. Some of the connections are easy to see. For example, Larry King, who was very much like Epstein, or Aquino, a child pimp... moved through connections he had in Oklahoma and Washington DC along with the Republican party, as a rising star. In Europe many of the older families have castles, estates where it is impossible to gain entry. These estates in Switzerland have been researched and shown to have pharonic iconography and Satanic imagery. There are records of children dissapearing as well.


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                    Programmed To Kill - The Politics of Serial Murder( in it's entirety ):


                    The first 6 Chapters are devoted to The Pedophocracy.


           is a great Resource for Books, Articles, Whitepapers etc on Conspiracy topics.