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What do you guys do on the Friday night?

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    Hi guys, i'm new to the forum so am just browsing the topics.

    Fridays i settle down to a nice bottle of Kraken rum with coke lime and lots of ice, depending what fights are on i will usually watch them in the house, and again depending on the time of the fights and how big it is i usually invite friends round and we chill out in my man cave drinking till fight time.

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      If I was back home, go to Synagogue and read from the Torah.

      Here in Tokyo, I just watch Netflix or Amazon Prime movies and do a lot of cleaning.

      My life is too exciting.

      Like tonight, my wife and I went to a friends home and we just wanted to leave.

      I hope my family sends me a care package with tamales and some other Mexican foods


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        I watched movies and drank beer. I like to spend a Friday evening like this. I also recently found 샌즈카지노 , and that's why I often play poker on Fridays. Sometimes I do it alone and sometimes with friends. This is very interesting for me. Have a good next Friday everyone and a good weekend in general​
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          I send j dudes home so they can **** wife and have kids

          then I take chit from j dudes who think staying long at your desk is work

          i achieve results so I get paid