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My rapping career isn’t taking off. Suggestions ?

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  • prefix_66_title_rich My rapping career isn’t taking off. Suggestions ?

    I wanna be a rapper, steal other ppls beats. Plagerize other people s lyrics.

    I’ll keep my day job, cuz it pays the bills

    i was thinking about

    I can give it you but still waters run deep

    i got five on it luniz

    it was all a dream fat Jamaica dude who got capped
    I can’t breath and free like oj all day
    para morir iguales
    vatos locos forever ese

    a day in the life of a playa named Z(dj quick)

    nuthing but a chihuahua thizang

    dont believe the hype

    opp yeah you know me

    now weave in Kate Bush(this woman’s work)
    Milli vanilli

    free like oj all day

    lots of “yeah yeah”

    me love you long time(Luke)

    with ice ice Babi and you can’t touch this(mc hammer)

    the message by Grand Master and the furious five

    feat “yo yo ma”

    feat lady Gaga!

    feat Freddy Mercury

    feat le Led Zeppelin

    fear ja rule

    feating Polish polka music

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    just do you king


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      I regurgitate crap. I can’t catch a break

      I gotta up my game and rap about going to college and getting old…

      I can’t go gangster rap.
      I bozo the clown..

      I guess I’ll stick to my shtick
      mans keep making my lil money.

      thanks for your reply.

      GOD Bless you and 10 generations of your family


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        I think nowadays, they gotta borrow some money, stack it up, and do that stupid cellphone pose. And there ya go, a new rapper is born. These clown ass bums lol

        You can do way better, big dogg, like Hesh from Sopranos.


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          Thanks for the info…. I’ll go to a bank I am involved with pose with other peoples money, then launch my career


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            carnal.... chicano rap aint it!! try rapping in english?

            ways to help jump start your rapping career --

            1. snitch on someone
            2. snitch on everyone


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              Just take notes.


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                Originally posted by Zaroku View Post
                I regurgitate crap.