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Does Mikey Garcia have any haters in the latino langa??

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    Originally posted by TJ highway View Post
    Zaroku you gotta to home to Cali.

    Hell you don't even have to go to the dispensary, they will deliver. My tio died of cancer last year. Several years before he died I would buy him edibles (brownies, THC chocolate bars but mostly gummies) cause he couldn't afford it. After he passed my Tia gave a box back to me (brownies, chocolates, gummies and a green plantlike substance called Yoda).

    LOL true story I thought I was gonna experiment and left three gummies on my desk. The old lady ate them thinking they were gummy bears......................I took advantage that night.

    I gave the box to my oldest for X-mas..................He told me best gift ever.

    As for Mikey he sure looked good against Jessie Vargas.