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Superior Mexican: Barrera or Morales?

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  • Superior Mexican: Barrera or Morales?

    Let's settle it once and for all. Who was the superior Mexican?

    Marco Antonio Barrera the skilled tactician who grew up in an upper class Mexico city with an astute education and boxing prowess..


    Erik "El Terrible" Morales the Tijuana native from the barrio of Zona Norte who was quick and savage in the ring but also smart and whose career lasted longer than Barrera?

    Sure, Barrera won the trilogy which might seal the deal for most, but the fights were all close and up for interpretation to a degree. I do remember their final fight being unremarkable but that first one set the bar way high so I don't know

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    Its not that hard, everyone Barrera beat Morales could beat and DID but not everyone Morales Beat Barrera beat.

    Theirs no questioning it .



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      Morales. Morales could be a slugger and a technician just like Barrera but i felt that Morales had bigger huevos. When Barrera fought Manny for he second time he fought him scared.


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        This is too close to call.


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          Originally posted by street cleaner View Post
          this is too close to call.
          gun to your head decision?


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            Originally posted by .!WAR MIKEY! View Post
            gun to your head decision?
            One has a good win against Pac and the other against Hamed.

            When they met I thought Barrera won all 3 of them but they were close and very entertaining. Neither guy dominated any of the fights.

            We saw how Morales got technical in the first Pac meeting since anybody can say that Barrera was more technical.

            I think I will give a slight edge to Barrera on his showing against Marquez but Morales had one good showing agains Maidana.

            Like I said this is not easy if you look at their careers.


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              i had to come out of retirement for this one, without a doubt el terrible is superior.
              I forgot my other account, i dont know how to recover it.


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                Everybody I knew talked crap about Morales, because he has the looks of your typical honest humble guy, and many expected he would get demolished in fights. Looks can be deceiving: lol1:.

                Morales all the way, like another poster said, he could be a slugger then he can change it to the technician. Anybody remember the fight Barrera had with Junior Jones? he destroyed Barrera in both fights, then Morales came in and destroyed JJ in the 4th round. Morales is just too crafty and can mix his punches, and uses his head, not Barrera.


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                  Eff it I call it a draw... love both


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                    Morales without a doubt.