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Who's the greatest Mexican boxer of all time

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    Originally posted by TJ highway View Post
    JC Superstar -Julio Cesar Chavez!
    My honky buddy Steve, a marine said, "Mexican guys in the marines are scary!" He talked about how they'd never back down, carry heavy packs, pray to a Catholic God, and go to war!

    He kept mentioning mount mother plucker or some other hills mountains and training.

    His conclusion... Mexicans are crazy, pretend to believe in GOD, but are first to drop fools in combat.

    White wimmin love messican men. I dated a few white girls who dated Mexican macho lil guys. I'm friends with a few marines, my nephew is going to be stationed in Okinawa.

    His dad is from Peru, and a real ****ing coward. In my picks is my GOD son, a marine.

    My nephews, uncles, cousins say that the marine Drill Instructirs would have beat my azz. Repeatedly.


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      Originally posted by j.razor View Post
      You said boxer not fighter so I'm going with Juan Manuel Marquez.
      A real knowledgeable man you are!
      Green will be sent


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        I love JUlio Cesar Chavez senior.
        When he smashed and defanged roger black mamba Mayweather. I was balls deep in a chinese American lovely who said you **** me too much!
        I kept cheating on her, and she hates Mexican men! She was beautiful...I'm my own worst enemy.

        For me,Salvador Sanchez! My guy! Dela dildo isn't Mexican!

        I was dating a Latina for El Salvador. Karla, she called herself special k. I didn't see it, feelut it enjoy it.

        Nothing worse than messing with a Latina who over rates herself...


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          Originally posted by Lomadeaux View Post
          There's no argument here at all. JCC. The best Hispanic fighter of all time is Roberto Duran.

          Fun discussion but these are flat out facts. No one in boxing would argue this.
          Julio Caesar Chavez "JC Super Star," Ricardo Lopez "El Finito" and Roberto Duran. I grew up thinking Mano de Piedra was a Panamanian but his father, Margarito Duran Sanchez, was from Arizona, and of Mexican descent. Either one can't go wrong.
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            Canelo. Chavez is so overrated. His resume when he was 40-0 was laughable. Makes Wilder's look like Holyfield's.


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              Originally posted by Nash out View Post
              Canelo. Chavez is so overrated. His resume when he was 40-0 was laughable. Makes Wilder's look like Holyfield's.
              This was a funny post.


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                Erik morales


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                  The best Mexican fighter that I have seen is Finito, the Bible of boxing. Too bad he did not have the competition to make a harder case. Sanchez beat some hall of famers in his shorten career and JCC Sr had excellent wins. I guess it would go by what you like.


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                    Salvador Sanchez, what couldve been. No doubt Alvarez top 2 after retirement


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                      Ricardo Lopez, always on point with defense and technically superior to everyone , never saw him lose composure and it's hard to find a round where he lost conclusively.
                      Often judges would give guys a round or two after seeing the most minimal of success against Finito.