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Mexicans why are you guys the best fighters in the sport?

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    Esos son mi favoritos....

    1. Floyd Mayweather
    2. Terrance Crawford
    3. Errol Spence
    4. Devin Haney
    5. Gervonta Davis
    6. Shakur Stevenson
    7. Deontay Wilder
    8. Mike Tyson
    9. Muhammad Ali
    10Jaron Boots Ennis


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      Originally posted by Cleto_Reyes View Post
      warriors blood flows through our veins
      Spoken like a true Aztec warrior


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        They're not the best. A lot of Mexican fighters are good but not the best. Imo Canelo is the best Mexican boxer & that's bc he's an Irish-Mexican. His record, his opponents & willingness to go up several weight divisions, proves that. Something Floyd never did. Boxing has always been a sport for those who are fighting to get out of poverty. Being poor is great motivation in boxing. Floyd $$ was broke as hell & from Flint Michigan before he became $$ Mayweather. And only after fighting Oscar he became well known & making $$. Yeh I know he's not Mexican but the point is he was broke as hell.