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Thinking back...that era in the 90's WAS hitmaker after hitmaker.

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  • prefix_1_title_rich Thinking back...that era in the 90's WAS hitmaker after hitmaker.

    Watching DMX's Drink Champs and N.O.R.E. (who got MAJOR fat...he better be careful) talking to X reminded me of just who all was dropping hits at that time.

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    Wu- Tang is for the kids!!! 1997 they dropped forever double CD. Imagine the illest rap crew with some of the best emcees within one's group? Impeccable, the name holds weight wu-tang Wu Tang. One multi platinum artist, mef, a few other platinum members, some multi gold artists and many gold artists. RZA told the whole crew back in the day to save up their best lyrics for years, then give it back to him for triumph! It was a 7 minute long song without any hooks or choruses man, that's unheard of man! Most pop songs (rap) have limited bars and some nonsense for a chorus if not the whole thing being a nonsense.

    I remember watching of mics and men, once the dough came in, Wu Tang started buying nice cars in their boroughs. The cops had the audacity to frisk them because those Staten kids were supposed to be broke. They even had the nerve to tell them to come to the station later on to talk about things!

    My favorite story is ghostfaces. He grew up with 2 brothers with muscular dystrophy, causing him depression at a young age. I'm praying that his brothers have tracks and fields now to play in!

    The worst Wu Tang story was when they lost inspector decks first LP, they said it would have been platinum had he dropped it.

    It's kinda sad what happened to divine. All he has left to show from the Wu is a boat and no more relationship s within the clan. Wu Tang was invincible, but eventually they fell off because of greediness. Perhaps their story is pending or impending. But Wu Tang is forever!