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    We all agree on Nas man!


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      Originally posted by Mike_b View Post
      We all agree on Nas man!
      When I went to watch him at rock the bells people weren't really singing his lyrics so he said y'all don't really feel me though and he dropped the mic for a second. He was wearing everything iced out t-shirt Iced out shoes and ice on his jewelry.


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        MCee Roppongi Jhonny and the too hihuahua crew
        Rapping about chit they never did and then getting blasted on by real big dawgs!

        “Yeah yeah Yeag-mang
        Anit flossing just big bossing
        I eats Kobe beef
        I loves to **** and sleep

        Wimmin love me putas adore me
        Most you putos could not fade me ok OG Z

        I saw my big boss mang put out sunspace’s
        Fake azz glow
        Now, I gotta fool called saiblo

        He’s mad as phuck being a cuck
        He says Yuk

        He’s royalty but I’m just me
        My daily grind
        Covers my bills
        Don’t need to be king of the hill..”

        I live in Japan
        And I love earring spam

        We got a Hawaiian place
        Were dogs are welcome
        But, they gotta be house broken

        Covid is killing people

        This is a global pandemic
        It’s endemic

        Jhonny lives like a kang
        It’s an OG Z thang”
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          Originally posted by Mike_b View Post
          1) Eminem
          2) Nas
          3) big pun
          4) gza
          5) method man
          6) guru
          7) Ghostface Killah
          8) Vinnie Paz
          9) jadakiss
          10) aZ
          East Coast can't even produce a relevant MC today.


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            Pac...Nas...Prodigy!!!...All Tied For #1!!!...The Holy Trinity!!!...