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Is Jay-Z The Greatest Rapper Of All Time???...

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    2pac, Nas and Eminem are my top 3. Different styles but that's my holy trinity of hip hop.


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      He's the most mainstream artist out there in rap. With the most powerful woman in music, Beyonce. I'd say add the black tour I think they called it, plus all the money he's made, why would someone want to be "realer"? Remember his cash flow is Dwayne Wade, or Jesus even I think he said on welcome to new York feat Alicia Keys. I always thought he was subpar, more better rappers around but hey? He's got enough money and success so that his kids kids kids can eat and live nicely and comfy.

      Damon dash pepper spray Ed r Kelly in the face. Good thing too, it was a good time to get rid of him before the accusations, heck even Jigga beat his own case! That's good on him. Remember? Jigga Kelly not guilty! I think that was the song. And h to the Izzo has the exact same beat as a Dr Dre song, off of 2001, I can't remember the name exactly but Nate Dogg sings "when I met you last night girl/ before I blew/ blew blew blew your mind" xplosive I think it's called. Also correct me if I'm wrong but I heard jayz ghost wrote the still Dre song again, not too sure though.

      If you look at all these struggling artists hungry literally hungry jayz did major moves, like him or not. "Now let's go watch the Tyson fight" minutes before Clifford ettiene got kod and Mike said it was spinal lol. They were calling Jay the hw champion of the rap game that night, followed by the hw champion of boxing (or what was left iof him at the time).


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        He has the best resume in terms of Hits, Sales, influence, longevity and critical acclaim. He is the greatest rapper in terms of stats even if he's not your personal favorite


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          oldschool jay z for sure. no bars like his tbh