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  • Under appreciated Hip-Pop

    I dunno if y'all actually use that term but I'm sure you can guess its meaning. I picked it up in school when my friend was making fun of hip-hop and rappers he called sell outs. I've personally never been a genre guy. I like some music, don't like others, all genres are good with some **** in there too....was a fan of thong song and j5

    Anyway, one song I always felt like got it too hard from purists or underground lovers is Jump Around. Yes, huge, commercial as ****, but, dude's got some slick lines and lays out his words really well. I dunno what makes you technically proficient at rap outside of timing and **** that's obvious and for all of music, but, I reckon dude was on point.

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    Question is, do hardcore hip-hop and rap fans appreciate this song?

    I know it's pain. I like hill...