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Moses from the Egyptian's perspective.

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  • Moses from the Egyptian's perspective.

    So, y'all know the Jew's version. M gets born to a Jew lady who floats him down a river, a princess of Egypt picks him up raises him. He gets himself banished, if I'm not wrong, for murder. God burns a bush then off he pops to part the red sea.

    Alright, from the Egyptians perspective Moses is a pretense king who claimed the throne by force then was forced out of Egypt until he rebuilt his army and came back but this time when he failed he was banished from the area and forced to go into the desert with his followers to find a new home, which took six days.

    Sources? ptolemy and bible, both ass. I could be wrong but I think it's a full millennium between Moses' life and the first time he's mentioned in text of any kind.

    Bonus Moses: The Greeks, well, Hellens, have Moses as some dude who built Egyptian temples and was taught language by Toth (egyptian smarty-pants god) so the Egyptians could read and write.

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