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    Slavery was terrible, horrendous, so don't get me wrong. Slavery it's self was astrocious. sure is better here in America than it would be back in Africa.


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      Originally posted by Dakuwaqa View Post

      Aren’t the numbers of Americo-Liberians actually a pretty small proportion of the overall population? I wanna hit up Africa some time. Ghana and Senegal for sure. Ethiopia if/when things settle down. I’ve got British Ghanaian friends with family there. Might see if I can stay with them!
      I loves black wimmin and they kinda love me...

      im kinda lazy my tongue and fingers finish conversations my chorizo explodes
      in emmeryville I’d walk up to fine wimmin

      Ethiopia females made Solomon go crazy

      I had a girl half black half filipina. Honey Mae... she worked at bottoms a bar p Burgos street

      don’t ever roll with me to hoe tell... you best lie to my wife ..

      it don’t matter as long as money talks