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What will happen if the United States never pays off its debt?

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    Originally posted by HitmanTommy View Post
    It's currently 27 trillion dollars. Chart doesn't include 19 and 20.

    What will happen if the debt never gets paid?

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    As long as folks gobble up US bonds, no worries.


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      Originally posted by aboutfkntime View Post
      your creditors will recover the debt by acquiring your natural resources, just like in any other country... why would the US be any different?

      why do you think the radical left persist with ridiculous spending practices?

      Obama should be burned at the stake for the treason that he committed

      and before you... b,b,b,b,but... read, " confessions of a political hitman "

      debt, is how countries are over-thrown... not war

      The United States of America West-China, is now in a BIG trouble with Biden steering the ship
      I'd second that recommendation. Good book.


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        There's really no "if" about it.

        We'll never pay it off

        Hell, I'm getting old and all my life I've only seen debt go up and up every year.

        We never pay off a nickel of the debt. We just keep adding more and more and servicing it. It cant go on forever.