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WTF Im pre-diabetic any of you are too?

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    Originally posted by RightJab View Post
    Fish, eggs, peanuts, theyre high in the omega 3's so go for that type of fat over too much animal fats, lower your carb intake, dont have to quit them, but try halfing your portion of carbs on your plate,and near double the amount of greens.

    Try not to drink too much milk, maybe half that intake too, milk actually does effect your insulin levels unfavourably which can contribute towards type 2 diabetes.

    Thats all i can think off the top of my head.
    GreenK bro thanks!

    YEah I told my lady lets eat ton of salmon and fish. Ive been taking those omega fish oil vitamins daily. Damn I should start eating more peanuts, I barely eat eggs too cause I don't got time to make them in the morning. Is it any type of eggs? Like hardboiled? Scrambled?

    Good thing my lactose intolerant arse never drinks milk.


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      I imagine most of us will be diabetic some day. Eating better is a great suggestion. I also knew a guy with diabetes that increased his exercise and that helped balanced his insulin levels.


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        Originally posted by Left Hook Tua View Post
        Actually some ratings have diabetic at 6.0

        You're diabetic, player.

        My fat ass is 5.9 I'm pre.
        Damn word? You on the cusp to bro?

        Are you really fat?

        I'm probably about 20lbs over what I should be at, all the damn business trips F'd me over. Eating bar food and hotel junk food for like 6 months straight!


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          Originally posted by 1bad65 View Post
          Avoid sugars, like Coke and candies.

          Alot of fruit juices have a ton of sugar too.
          Yeah I dont even like Coke or candies only time I eat them if its like free like I'm at a restaurant and they are like hey your drink comes with a free Coke or if someone brings a big bag of candy to work and we all bored as hell we all start tearing up the bag.

          But I would not go out of my way to get a coke or candy.


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            Originally posted by Chief2ndzOnly! View Post
            Alcohol. Downsize your intake and your numbers will change for the better.
            Yeah normally I'm very moderate drinker like a beer with dinner like once a week if that but when Im on the road for work we are taking clients to happy hour and drinking up a storm to try to close their accounts so the alcohol is flowing like a mofo for work functions and I'm the guy who they send out to all of them.

            Also I took the blood test like first week of January which was stupid since we were partying it up all of Thanksgiving break, Xmas break and New Years.

            I should take the blood test like in April or May cause I do dry January sometimes I go dry all the way to March if possible.


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              Originally posted by Boxingraya View Post
              Lots of exercise and watch your diet. Stay away from the meds they will want to prescribe for you. You can definitely beat this.
              Green K bro thanks for the positivity!

              YEah Ive been eating more salad and veggies and ramping up my cardio. I bought a new bike just to go up the hills and trails and do about 6 miles a day up these big arse hills.

              I'm anti meds guy myself I never trust a doctor who prescribes me anything especially since lot of them get kickbacks from the shady pharmaceutical companies.


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                Originally posted by Furn View Post
                research intermittent fasting it has some good results with lowering insulin resistance.

                Also get a monitor and see when and where u r high as the a1 is just an average it doesn't necessarily mean you're getting dangerous high levels, but testing regularly for a few weeks will give u an idea of what sets it off and at what times, everybody is different.

                also don't be afraid to take metformin if your DR says to, its one of the safest, cheapest drugs going around and research is showing it has all kinds of benefits from weight loss to reduced risk of heart disease and cancer.
                Green K bro! Yeah im not a drug guy but thanks I'll look into that for extreme back up back up. Any side effects?


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                  Originally posted by Eff Pandas View Post
                  Wait so if you get to 6.5 you got diabetes, but what if you drop it to 5.8 after that. Are you back to being pre-diabetic after being diabetic??? Or once it goes past 6.5 does it not go back down for some reason?

                  Is that all diabetes is is popping a 6.5 on this test?
                  Yeah bro diabetes seems more complicated. I always thought it was those fatties who catch it but even strong healthy fit people catch diabetes too.

                  Prime example was Smokin Joe Frazier we all know he was one of the GOAT in incredible shape first one to beat Ali in his prime. Sugar Ray Robinson many consider the GOAT also had it. Even Jay Cutler has it and you'd think with all that NFL money he could of somehow got rid of it right?

                  I think when we think of athletes and how hard they grind and keep up with their fitness on a pro athlete level and they still catch the diabetes its really scary bro.

                  Even Halle Berry fine arse has type 1.

                  So it seems like it might be hereditary and genetic especially when you see all these top fit athletes and celebs got it?


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                    Originally posted by TheGR8TESTOAT View Post
                    Green K bro! Yeah im not a drug guy but thanks I'll look into that for extreme back up back up. Any side effects?
                    You can get the runs when you first take it for a few days then side effects are extremely rare.


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                      Originally posted by Boxfan83 View Post
                      Diabetes is caused from eating to much meat especially sandwich type meats.
                      I hardly eat sandwich meat like maybe 5 times a year if that and its only when its free like work or someone buys it for us.