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1 guy stands his ground vs 3 guys

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    Originally posted by el*** View Post
    If you tried to steal their rims like that black guy did, those boys would curb stop you
    That's how break dancing was invented. Black guy tried to steal hubcap from a moving vehicle.


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      Originally posted by club fighter View Post
      Ralph & his brother Roy are well known fixtures here, Roy's dojo was a few block from my house when I was a kid. The "B" are the Beliso family, the father Lenny started it and his son Lenny Jr still teaches here in SF, along with the Alemeny Karate family, they were all kind of from the Parker Kempo lineage I believe.

      Kajukembo is that Hawaiian system of several fighting styles, separate from Kempo.

      ... and my cousin Sensei Flores trained under the same sensei that started the Japantown rec center Shorinji Kempo classes long ago, I think in the 1970's. Don't know his name.

      Small martial world.
      YES! the Belisa family! I passed that yellow sign many a time lol. Used to train with a guy under 280 not far from there. Yeah the Kajukembo from what I heard had a lot of great martial artists coming together.

      lol small indeed. Its amazing how that works. I think a lot of it is time...You meet so many people in so many situations that you become familiar with their background.

      I did shorin RYu ha, for many years, then I trained with one of Ronald Duncan's top students who passed not long ago Richard Wigginton, and I even trained Bujinkan for many years...There are some great people in the system despite the horrendous rank inflation. Now I train when I can, still like to teach, have my two sons to throw around now and then lol.


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        was that a tango or lambada?