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Police Are Hunting Man On Meth Charges And People Think They Know Who He Is

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  • Police Are Hunting Man On Meth Charges And People Think They Know Who He Is

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    Police in America are currently looking for a bunch of people after issuing warrants for their arrest.

    The Galesburg Police Department in Illinois released mugshots of all the people they're keen to chuck handcuffs on and it all seems like a stock standard PSA.

    However, one of the alleged criminals has caught everyone's eye on social media.

    Police want to arrest 50-year-old Todd W. Barrick Jr. for violating his probation for possessing methamphetamine, according to the NZ Herald.

    Again, seems like this shouldn't really raise any eyebrows, however when you look at Barrick Jr's mugshot, it's hard not to draw comparisons to Bryan Cranston's character from Breaking Bad.

    The bald head, the glasses, the 'I'm The One Who Knocks' stare in his eyes; yep, that's a pretty decent lookalike. However, this is maybe what Walt would have looked like if he didn't die at the end of the award winning show (sorry for spoilers but the final episode premiered in 2013).

    People on social media seem to agree with one person saying: "Heisenberg is alive!"

    Another wrote: "This new Breaking Bad movie looks like it sucks!"

    Other users even gave some suggestions to police on how to find Barrick Jr. and the other people listed on the Facebook post.

    "Have you tried Albuquerque? Perhaps at Los Pollos Hermanos?" said one person.

    "Well there can't be that many Pontiac Azteks left, especially with cracked windshields, so I suggest you start there!" mentioned another.

    One man wrote: "Word on the street is that he is the one who knocks."