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Reparations time. Pay what you owe!!

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  • - -As long as the reparation boyz ain't willing to return to Africa with their smarty pants phones, bling, and hand on crotches to confront their first generation African masters, they still be beating on dead horses.

    That ain't the way Barney brought you to up to be.


    • They were acting like that all the time.


      • Originally posted by GhostofDempsey View Post
        I better submit my DNA to soon, I may have some checks coming my way.
        You are owed money... jhonny is saying his Tejas want their land back...he keeps going on and on about how all the traitors who died at the Alamo were all Mexican citizens.... white boy traitors..

        Iím Jew... Mexican Jew... as you already know.... Iím gonna invoice MCC and if he donít pay.. my phaddit cousin will give him kok for reparations..

        I think Lyndon Johnson owes reparations,...he set back black people.

        I know Iím crazy,....

        Johnson, post killing Kennedy single handedly instilled victimhood....

        If honky wasnít holding me down?

        Iíve managed and lead teams of engineers..

        I had issues with a few wimmin I inherited..
        They got paid less because they contributed less..
        My job was to achieve results... I am not a group hug person... Iím mean.. harsh, direct, give clear instructions, follow orders from my superiors ....

        Do I deserve


        • "Free Stuff" - the reason most African American's are;

          1) Democrats
          2) Permanent Victims

          Such a sad way to live...


          • Originally posted by alexguiness View Post
            "Free Stuff" - the reason most African American's are;

            1) Democrats
            2) Permanent Victims

            Such a sad way to live...

            Sounds like someone is desperate for suicide by mod to me.


            I see the mods decided to spare you and just delete what you wrote for #3 (immoral). Well played, mods, for refusing to let him off himself.
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                • So far, the Squad has accomplished absolutely nothing since their election to office besides rallying for social justice causes. Everything they have touched has been through this vacuum of race and identity politics. No substance whatsoever.


                  • I still think that the wealth gap is primarily economic. Certainly a Black community has issues that are part of the particulars, as does a family living on a reservation, or a very poor Scotch Irish community. Some epidemics seem to target select communities in different ways: Baltimore has neighborhoods with worse AIDS numbers than Sub Sahara Africa! The pain pill epidemic hit the Appalachian communities horribly! It seemed to come on the heals of mass unemployment.

                    Solutions that are used to address these situations might not be perfect. Attempts at diversity, racial quotas, etc... On the other hand, to just leave the problem and hope things get better has not worked. Sometimes there is a need to create diversity. People don't like to hear that lol. I taught in the San Francisco High School system and there is ONE special public high school in the city. If test scores were the only criteria used, guess what the ethnic make up of the school would be?

                    About 95% Chinese American. Many Chinese students and their family are in fact bitter about being "discriminated" against in their estimation. Thing is, when you are educating High schoolers you NEED DIVERSITY! These kids will have to learn how to live with all kinds of people when they leave high school...In San FRancisco many second generation Chinese students enter Chinese immersion programs that teach Cantonese, as a school choice.

                    I do not agree with this. First off, Cantonese is not Mandarin, which is a universal and diplomatic language used all over the world officially. The net result for these kids is that they are being ghettoized in high school, not being encouraged to learn about the world outside the sunset in San FRancisco.

                    Reparations are, largely symbolic as a gesture. I do not think they begin to address how Black students are marginalized in the school system. And the fault lies with many...Parents who do not care primarily. Teachers who are being taught to become discipline instructors more than mentors... and frankly? Adults seem intolerant of kids in this generation.

                    I taught in a high school and most of my kids were Black, from the Bay View area. I never had a problem with them...They really did not care that I was White. As a matter of fact, there were White teachers who were not so nice, but, tolerant...and these kids even responded to these teachers! If adults have love in their heart for kids it makes a difference. Kids know the difference!

                    I guess my point is, we need tolerant adults who lead by example, and parents who are up to the task, a lot more than any token gestures. I see adults screaming at kids, cops attacking kids on bikes, when kids are being kids! Kids like things that have wheels, that go crash, that let them test their dexterity. I never see adults encourage these kids, though the kids are yelled at all the time...Makes me want to ask some people: "Would you prefer they were at home shooting up?" Baltimore could have many areas turned into skate parks for kids who like to bike and would cost nothing...Literally, these kids could find old structures and other materials on Craigs list for nothing and build out a park.

                    Nobody is interested though...And that is a shame. Maybe one day through the grace of the Most High, reparations will be given and those reparations will be used to build out skate parks, and to pay mentors to help with parenting, etc....I don't know, Maybe?


                    • Lazy peeps will always be lazy peeps even if u give them millions

                      Its a mental thing