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Anyone here do online dating? Why are there so many stalkers!

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    Originally posted by todisday View Post
    Call for help! He was White!

    Your mum white tho


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      Originally posted by Just a Man View Post
      Your mum white tho
      She still breathin'

      He dead


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        Originally posted by Willy Wanker View Post
        I heard about the story.

        What didn't make sense to me was that the black dude claimed that he was 100% straight, but he killed the gay guy AFTER they had sex.
        Yea they never admitt their gay


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          If you're attracting wierd stalker types it says a lot about the image you give across.
          Try fixing that and move forwards from there you cnut.


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            Originally posted by RightJab View Post
            If you're attracting wierd stalker types it says a lot about the image you give across.
            Try fixing that and move forwards from there you cnut.
            I figure it out;

            1. Most women on dating sites who are not fat or ugly got a mental issue hence no one hooking them up in real life.

            2. This #metoo and feminist movement means that women can act like stalkers and be really boiler bunny as that's their human rights.


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              There are some success stories involving couples who met online. But why take that chance ? That's what I don't get. Is real life that daunting ?!?!?!? No mf'er is that busy.

              Stalkers exist because most women have good taste. Not even the piss drunk, toothless, gutter fatties want them.


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                I haven't got any examples of stories with online dating apps ending up happily unfortunately, these dating apps consist of real jerks trying to take advantage of girls. Girls in return are too suspicious. My romantic relationships weren't so lucky and happy, to be honest... Now I'm alone, and I'm actually satisfied with my status. The last relationship I was in made me vulnerable and stressed. I was searching for ways of dealing with this situation. My ex cheated on me and then offended me, saying that I was the one cheating. I was feeling miserable. Thank God I discovered and read about other women's experiences there. Unfortunately, I don't have real-life friends who can support me when I need it, so these articles were my salvation. I made a wise decision - I took my stuff and moved out, I'm self-sufficient now, and I know that I deserve better.
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                  I've met a lot of girls using old photos, when they were 50 pounds lighter or 10 years younger.


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                    Originally posted by abracada View Post
                    My gawd.

                    Signed up few days ago, chatted to a few girls.

                    One of them and I clicked, but then she was a bit weird with her comments, and then she claimed she would delete the App! So I removed her from my likes and every hour she visits my profile since then.

                    I have deleted some personal info now from my page but its scary as sh|t.

                    They are watching out for themselves and it’s understandable. Men are usually scum bags: the longer your profile is, the better IMO. Don’t start deleting stuff lol. That’s so suspect. A girl will take that as you burying bodies and bleaching the entire house.

                    You have to let them peer into you soul and feel like they are in control. A girl who feels like she just made an informed decision is the next girl in your living room.


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                      I keep telling you guys to hit on the pictureless girls. I’m not talking out of my *** here.

                      You’re thinking about catfish but you gotta start thinking more about Michelle Pfiefer in that werewolf movie with Jack Nicholson. Some beautiful women want there to be an emotional connection before you see how wicked they look. I keep telling you guys this and no one is utilizing this secret weapon.

                      Trust me. I’ve banged hotter women than you have. Lol