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Vince McMahon to announce re-launch of pro football league, reports say

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  • Vince McMahon to announce re-launch of pro football league, reports say

    NATIONWIDE -- WWE's Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon is making what the wrestling organization is calling a "major sports announcement" today at 2 p.m. CT.

    McMahon's announcement will be related to his investment company, Alpha Entertainment, and plans to start a pro football league, ESPN reporter Darren Rovell tweeted:

    Adam Silverstein of reports the league will be called the XFL and is not expected to start play until 2020.

    This will be McMahon's second attempt at pro football. XFL's only season took place in 2001, when it debuted to big ratings that steadily declined.

    Source, includes pic of tweet:

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    If patriots win the sb then im on board


    • #3
      This guy must be addicted to losing money

      I did like some XFL's changes though. Like no point after kicks.


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        this dudes ego might just be bigger than Donald Trumps.....

        xfl was a massive fail and he cant live that down he wants another go at it .... call him vince McBALLs cuz he got some cajones


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          Don't trust this man he killed my father Eddie guerrero


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            I don’t see how this ends well.

            2 seasons tops.


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              Waste of money IMO. NFL ratings are down, don't really think too many people want more football.

              It does launch in 2020 so maybe things will change by then.


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                I'm curious about this & I don't even watch football. Good luck to Mr. McMahon.

                Potential changes I'd like to see.

                No national anthems. We give all the teams dope ass exciting songs (House of Pain Jump Around & sh^t like that) to get the crowd amped up. National anthems are the worst music in every f#cking single language.

                No kicking bs except after a touchdown. No after a TD point bs. No field goal bs. I'm not even sure I wanna see punting. 4 downs & out & take the ball over where its at.

                Have a penalty box. Penalties result in mfers being taken off the field like in hockey for x minutes.

                Overtime is decided in a steal cage match at the 50 yd line between a player of each coaches chosen.

                Cheerleaders with aggressive camel toes. Cleavage is the past. Camel toes are the present. Booty holes are the future, but we aren't fully ready for that in polite mainstream society yet.


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                  As long as "He hate me" is featured in some capacity I'll watch


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                    No DUI's No Johnny Manziel