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"Mod -MEGA-": A Year In Review

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  • Originally posted by Sweet Pea 50 View Post
    Your forum, huh?

    I wasn't on long, but the vibe I got was people circle jerkin' over triple uranium Southwest Airline miles while getting drunk off box wine and singing Neil Diamond songs into each others assholes.

    Keep your iron fist to yourself. I don't swing that way, you ultra zesty mango pop tart.
    Right on. We discuss flier miles. I'm an expert on flier miles, travel hacking, etc.. Damn proud to have millions of miles, where I can fly free first class whenever I want. Of course, u need an IQ over at least 90 to do any of that, so of course it wouldn't suit u. I am also an expert on opening up Tons of Credit Cards to amass Said miles. Of course, u need perfect Credit to do that, so again, it wouldn't suit u.

    Yes, I'm proud of everything I do in that forum.


    • Originally posted by -MEGA- View Post
      [Content is Protected, Please Register For Free To Unlock This Content]

      Too bad i didn't screenshot the whole thing.
      Cool, u got your 15 Seconds of fame. WTF did u think would happen? I was going to allow u to carry on? If I didnt delete u, I could be removed as mod.. Unlike u, I do my job.

      HAHAHA. Honestly, I dont Know what your expectations were, when u joined that site.


      • You must be doing good then. I think the highest level of power one can have on this site is having the KKK, black panthers, Canelo fans, GGG fans, Manny fans, Floyd fans, Kovalev fans & Ward fans all saying you are down for the opposing party.


        • Originally posted by JAB5239 View Post
          Well this thread is absolutely hilarious!!!! Kudos to everyone not going by the user name Hammer777777!!
          Cool, because I'm HAMMER77777, NOT Hammer777777.


          • Originally posted by -MEGA- View Post

            Well that was fun while it lasted.
            Originally posted by Sweet Pea 50 View Post
            Damn, took one Str8 D0wN Th3 P1p3.
            Originally posted by BrometheusBob. View Post
            Originally posted by -MEGA- View Post
            Same here. He didn't sign it "hammer" though. How do we know it was him?
            Because my name isn't "Hammer" over there, genius. And honestly, not sure what your expectations were. If I didnt ban u, I could be removed as mod. We have zero tolerance for trolls, there. Its a professional website for professional fliers, as I am. But by all means, please come try again.


            • Originally posted by B.UTLER View Post
              you suck.. dont know why you became a mod.. seriously..


              • too lenient with the racists on here.


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                  • most of the mods on here are ****, your probably no different


                    • Originally posted by soul_survivor View Post
                      most of the mods on here are ****, your probably no different

                      i didnt even know you were a mod but voted 0%
                      Kigali, his alts + his cripple crew flood the forum and make it almost unreadable and the mods never ban them or do anything..

                      It's not like they are amusing either...just mentally ill.