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I can't tell when I'm high or not anymore.

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  • prefix_33_title_rich I can't tell when I'm high or not anymore.

    Sorry if this is a bad place to post this or if nobody cares, but I honestly don't know any other forums where there are as many potheads as here lol...........

    but I'm a long term smoker.. on and off for about 3 years-mostly on. It got to the point where I was getting high so much that I couldn't tell I was high anymore.. because everything just felt the same. I smoked a blunt, and I still felt normal. I smoked another one and I was "high" but my perspective and my cognition was pretty much the same.. it's hard to explain, but I think long term users know what I'm talking about

    I havent smoked for months now because I've been trying to change my lifestyle and after being sober for a month and a half, I'm feeling high again.. I mean I feel like I used to when I was high.. I have these strong, overwhelming bursts of feelings and memories, and sometimes the time just flies so fast that hours feel like minutes- just like when I was high.. like I hadn't felt in a long time even though I was high.

    My perception of reality right now is just so skewed and confusing... did I fry my brain? What's going on? Will I ever reach some kind of equilibrium ever again?

    Should I see a doctor?


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    You need to take a break, then. I had the same **** happen a few years back. Wait like a month or two, then smoke again and you'll be flying.


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      I've been smoking on and off (mostly on) for about 12 years. I do experience a "high" like feeling when I stop for about a week, but that goes away. It's just the body reacting to being cleansed from the daily THC fix.

      That being said, you should probably see a doc if your outbursts are too overwhelming. It's normal, but you shouldn't experience that if you've already been clean for a month and a half.

      And hours feeling minutes? Are you sure you were smoking weed?

      When I'm high, the minutes feel like hours, not the other way around.