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NBA Thread - For basketball fans of Boxingscene

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  • NBA Thread - For basketball fans of Boxingscene

    Ok let's use this thread to discuss the upcoming NBA playoffs, and place our bets against each other....Let's go basketball fans!~

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    First official bet:

    In case the Pistons & the Spurs meet in the finals:

    20 Million Points bet between Thrilla (Pistons) & The Fix (Spurs)


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      isn't it kinda late in the season for this thread??


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        spurs lost to the jazz yesterday with duncan in the lineup
        oh well the spurs are still gonna win.


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          Heat Byotches.

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            Originally posted by Runw/knives
            Heat Byotches.
            maybe if they can get past the pistons but i doubt it, pistons play very well as a team(not as good as the spurs ) and they will be tough to beat for anyone(except for the spurs )


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              I have a 500 million dollar bet with Jose...he has the Suns and I of course put the smart money on the Pistons.

              What you guys are failing to understand is that we now have the best starting 5 in the league and our ENTIRE BENCH (also the best) is back. Everyones healthy...the rest of the league is ****ed...

              If you can name 5 players on a team that are better than the starting 5 on the Pistons then ill give you 20 talking about 5 whole players...not 3.

              The playoffs are a whole different animal and thats when the Stunners step it up.


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                I got the Heat.


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                  Originally posted by Simon Templar
                  isn't it kinda late in the season for this thread??
                  Actually its perfectly in time for the playoffs, where the real action begins (the trash talking and the betting here at BS)


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                    I got the Rockets