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Iran proxy groups in the USA

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  • Iran proxy groups in the USA

    Iran is funding all these protesters, buying ad space in our social media, issuing anti USA and Jewish messages to corrupt minds of our young, with the possibility of funding their own attack groups here. It has me thinking what the heck is going on here in the USA?

    We can track these people with facial recognition technology in the crowds. Armed with this the NSA, FBI and CIA and groups like them can identify who these people are, where they live, if they legally buy guns and weapons, and learn about their nefarious plans.

    And from there get the paper trail of their bank accounts ( all money must be reported in transactions over 10,000 ) who they communicate with , and monitor their phone transactions.

    Of course they can have illegal phones, so we need to strengthen the laws for calls made from them and arrest those people and put them in prison.

    If I ran the CIA, FBI, or NSA I would be using my vetted employers with medium to dark skin toned people to film these " protesters' and flag wavers. From their ID them all and track them.

    The groups of government are run by smart people, I'd bet that are already doing it and more​.


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    I can see this topic has some people in distress.


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      Originally posted by Dr. Z View Post
      I can see this topic has some people in distress.
      what’s there to discuss

      The Soymerican half of the US want to be invaded and support open southern border

      The US is compromised until the final solution is implemented on these Soymericans

      Americans aren’t ready to do anything devastating to this defective half
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