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BREAKING: Roe v. Wade overturned by SCOTUS

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  • Originally posted by 1bad65 View Post

    I'm denying nothing.

    I'm simply asking for proof.

    You made the claim, you show us the proof.

    That's how it works, ya know.

    Unlike you, I don't blindly believe that anything and everything I agree with politically is automatically true.
    Yes you do. No matter what proof is presented to you, you refuse to take trumps **** out your mouth. Took you two years to admit not everyone got a tax cut in trumps tax cut scam.


    • FYI newer folks. 1sad65 is a lying azz douche, dont waste your time. DNA evidence doesnt convince that cluster fuk. You have been warned. But if you find enjoyment in spinning wheels with him, then by all means. enjoy


      • Originally posted by Kris Silver View Post

        All that and you finally accept after 3 rounds of justifying and further proving it, that the whole thing isn't made up.

        Such then is your break through in response and position, all you do is patronise the idea someone would empathise and donate to this lady.
        Yes, I 'admitted' there is a real GoFundMe involved. Not sure I call that a "breakthrough" though.

        Me, I've seen alot of GFM scams, so I typically am skeptical. And especially so when the guy bringing it to my attention gets angry and insults me when I ask him questions about it. Now if you want to call that commonsense behavior "patronising the idea someone would empathise and donate to this lady", that's on you.

        And you didn't answer......How much did you send to support this cause you are so vocal and passionate about?

        Originally posted by Kris Silver View Post
        And you've avoided directly answering the question on your position, which I'm sure you do to be purposefully ambiguous now. This lady is being forced to carry through a pregnancy, where the baby is already having seizures, she can feel them, doctors say it will die in her womb or at birth, but she now has to carry it through because of this law change. This doesn't fit into your 3 scenarios stated. So, you then, are saying you support this lady being forced to carry onwards that pregnancy.
        There you go with a strawman again.

        To your credit, it was the last sentence. You almost made it.

        Imo, this falls under the mother's life being at risk.

        That said, it's part of the reason I'm skeptical here. I'm no doctor; but carrying a dead fetus in your body certainly can't be good for your health, and it's gotta be a serious infection waiting to happen. Another reason is that this sounds so egregious, so unfair, and so (quite frankly) politically perfect, that if it were real I think the DNC, and their media boosters would have this woman booked on TV even more than they had Michael Avenatti.

        I 'admit' there's a GoFundMe telling this woman's story. Do you have any sort of mainstream, non-superfan media outlet reporting this?