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BREAKING: Roe v. Wade overturned by SCOTUS

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  • Originally posted by JimRaynor View Post
    Lots of people really bummed about this decision, but fundamentally this changes very little. Highly doubt that any state will outlaw abortion.
    Red - How much you betting?


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            • Victory for white life!

              stated at a trump rally by a congresswomen. Clear as day.

              truth comes out.

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              • Originally posted by Kris Silver View Post

                I used logic, reality, philosophy, consideration of others, and some emotional intelligence in there. Anyone whom doesn't in a topic of healthcare of humans, and many millions of women and people affected by such things, is an idiot not to. Not to mention displaying emotional intelligence of a newt.

                Added to that, anyone whom makes such a rubbish case for logic only, using a made up 99% and 1%, has really quite amusingly put on a poor display.
                Yeah... because trying to arbitrarily push an argument (using the rationale of a gender studies-level female, spouting emotionally manipulative tactics as I previously mentioned) that accounts for less than 1% of a situation, and insisting THAT is a reason to disregard the other 99% is a really "logical" position to take, son. That's the boxing equivalent of someone saying, "George Foreman is one of the hardest punchers of all time" and someone replying, "What? He couldn't even beat Tommy Morrison." You're THAT twat. Btw, I couldn't help but notice you didn't even try to refute anything I said, (spoiler alert - because you can't, because all you bring to the table are your precious little feelings.)

                What you call "emotional intelligence" is nothing more than a sanctimonious attempt to play the victim on the behalf of others who didn't ask you to (grown women), while completely marginalizing the victims who ironically enough can't even ask (unborn babies). Maybe next time you should actually try to use logic (and pesky things like facts and research) before typing, because your pompous, self-righteous, "male feminist" drivel means nothing to me.
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                • Originally posted by Sweet Pea 5O View Post

                  What a fine young maiden.

                  Hopefully some upstanding gentleman will court her, and they have numerous offspring.

                  I'm getting too old for this shit...

                  I'm sure some black or Mexican guy would gladly hit that


                  • Originally posted by Theodore View Post
                    I'm pretty sure everyone had the choice not to get the vaccine, no?


                    • Originally posted by travestyny View Post

                      I'm pretty sure everyone had the choice not to get the vaccine, no?
                      no... many lost their jobs here for refusing or life was made very difficult for them