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BREAKING: Roe v. Wade overturned by SCOTUS

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  • Originally posted by Vlad_ View Post
    Yup. Even more reason to get leftards yelling about how the Right is a bunch of nazis. Pressure Biden to pack the courts before potentially losing majorities in congress.
    The problem for the lib-tards is Biden can’t unilaterally add justices to the court, and in The Senate, Manchin and Sinema have already rejected the idea. Team D is taking L’s all over the place.


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      • Originally posted by BostonGuy View Post

        Gays should have equal rights under the law. The marriage issue was one of the last rights they didn't have.

        I cant remember which comedian said it but he said it doesn't matter if gay people can get married or not because God still won't let them in heaven.
        and that is HILARIOUS
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        • Originally posted by Brother Mouzone View Post

          What a fine young maiden.

          Hopefully some upstanding gentleman will court her, and they have numerous offspring.

          I'm getting too old for this shit...


          • Originally posted by denium View Post

            What if the fetus identifies as a baby?
            Obviously it can’t.


            • Originally posted by ralex View Post
              Hopefully this will keep liberals from moving to Texas and ****ing Texas up like the states they’re leaving
              Resistance is futile.


              • Originally posted by Madison boxing View Post

                apart from the dead baby or the father who might have wanted the child
                Who gives a fuk about them. The fetus isn’t a living entity. Mother stops breathing so does fetus.

                the father can turn around and like the next woman.

                so no yiu are incorrect.


                • Saw something elsewhere that Google and Dicks (lol) will have corporate policies that will pay for women to relocate to states that allow abortions, or pay up to 4k to travel to have the "procedure" done.

                  Scammers, here is your new grift.

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                  • Anyway, at least lefties have suddenly remembered what a woman is again.


                    • Originally posted by GhostofDempsey View Post

                      Liberals always feel morally justified when they riot, loot, assault in the name of a cause they are behind. When the right peacefully protests or do even a small fraction of the damage liberals do, it’s called an insurrection and domestic terrorism.
                      Leftist violence is somehow always prejustified.
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