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BREAKING: Roe v. Wade overturned by SCOTUS

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  • Originally posted by TernceBudCharlo View Post

    Striking down Jim Crow laws was what the court is SUPPOSED to do. Because they constitution says you can't discriminate on the basis of race. Their job is to interpret the law and decide if they violate the constitution.

    Where in the constitution does it say abortion is a right?
    It's a 233 year old document.

    The constitution only rejects racial discrimination in regard to voting, where does the constitution outlaw racial segregation specifically?

    The supreme court interprets this 233 year old document and refines the law to reflect modern society.

    Would you also like to see Brown vs Board of education overruled?

    Stop being disingenuous pretending it's about 'muh constitution'. It's about you and fellow conservatives gripe with abortion and women's right to choose.
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    • A lot of rioters are brawling all over the place.


      • Originally posted by siablo14 View Post

        Red - Oh? We will see. Folks like Roll and JimRaynor want it to be zero week.
        Homie you wish you were america. My **** cousin is looking for a bottom.
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        • Originally posted by Brother Mouzone View Post
          I find abortion personally reprehensible, with that being said the more liberals that have them the better we do not need the mentally ill having kids .Also not a single tax payer dime should go to fund any institution that performs them , you want it you should have to pay for it out of your own pocket.
          Literally, the only thing I care about in this saga.


          • Originally posted by 1bad65 View Post

            You tell me.

            I do know that in terms of divorces, women file ~70% of them.
            (And I'll source if asked)

            That means roughly 70% of divorced single moms chose to be single moms.

            who is talking about divorce?


            • Originally posted by i love boxing View Post

              How does that effect your life?
              So of a serious issue that does not directly affect your or my life, it shouldn’t be talked about?


              • Originally posted by billeau2 View Post

                Its a very complex issue. Your point is reasonable and I like to think that progressive people wanted this decision process to ensue when they made it a Federal issue. There are things that make a personal choice on abortion problematic as well, but to me the best we can do with this issue is make it a personal choice with some caveats on length of term, rape scenarios, etc.

                The fundamental issue with abortion, is it pits the rights of the mother against the rights of the fetus. In Western law, when we are conceived rights attach to us. Hence the term inalienable rights to describe the freedom of the individual. When abortion becomes a state issue there are many more political strings to manipulate, which is one good aspect of Federal laws regarding abortion. I also think this is the absolute worse time to bring Roe versus Wade up... this country is already emeshed in a cultural war... We are already polarized. I mean this is really a great way to facilitate a civil war in this country lol.

                God help us
                Its so complex man... mixes science, faith, common sense and the complete unknown. I cant stand people who say men have no word to say on the matter. There's never been an answer that feels right all the way through.

                It might sound funny to say, but I feel like it is SO complex that the best thing to do about it is to leave it up to the individual.

                One thing i will say though, Ive known women who have had abortions. None of them did it for the wrong reasons, meaning none of them used it as a contraceptive. Their stories were all tragic in their own way.

                Good luck on the culture war man. Judging from this thread some people cant see past left vs right on any issue.


                • Originally posted by Hype job View Post

                  They decided.

                  They granted women liberty to decide what to do with their bodies. And you and the rest of the 'pro lifers' want to take that freedom away.
                  They decided two things. One of which is a woman's right to choose based on the right to privacy via the 14th amendment. The second, when a baby in the womb has rights, which from what I've seen in this thread, has been ignored. This narrative that Roe vs Wade is all about a woman's right to choose, is false.


                  • Originally posted by TernceBudCharlo View Post

                    It doesn't change anything.

                    Abortion will still be legal in most states.

                    I believe early term abortions should be allowed but that is not up for 9 unelected judges to decide, it is up to the people.
                    What it changes is that undisputedly more women / couples will resort to unsafe abortions / terminations / self terminations, women - and their fetuses - will suffer serious complications and maybe even die. There will also be an increase in women who are attacked or assaulted by partners seeking to cause miscarriage and an increase in pregnancy related murders too.


                    • Originally posted by Vlad_ View Post
                      So of a serious issue that does not directly affect your or my life, it shouldn’t be talked about?
                      but why celebrate something that has 0 to do with you?