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Russia launches invasion of Ukraine - MASTER THREAD

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  • Originally posted by PredatorStyle View Post

    They terrorized "traitors." So, Russians, Russian speakers, Orthodox believers, Pro-Russian or Putin apologists, as well as - during times of escalated violence - whole towns or villages that are known to be pro Russian.

    This is just semantics: people are referring to Donbas as if it's Ukraine. Donbas is separate but the Kiev government wants to rule it (it's the most productive region) while also treating them as enemies of the state. For instance, some 400 people have been arrested by the army for pro Russian social media activity. Extreme totalitarianism.
    oh **** off. Donbas problems were created by Russia and supported by Russian troops and weapons. The first leader of the region was a Russian not Ukrainian. Just another piece of land Russia wanted and thinks it can just take.

    "The initial protests in the Donbas were largely native expressions of discontent with the new Ukrainian government.[52] Russian involvement at this stage was limited to its voicing of support for the demonstrations. The emergence of the separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk began as a small fringe group of the protesters, independent of Russian control.[52][53] This unrest, however, only evolved into an armed conflict because of Russian military backing for what had been a marginal group as part of the Russo-Ukrainian War. The conflict was thus, in the words of historian Hiroaki Kuromiya, "secretly engineered and cleverly camouflaged by outsiders".[54]

    There was limited support for separatism in the Donbas before the outbreak of the war, and little evidence of support for an armed uprising.[55] Russian claims that Russian speakers in the Donbas were being persecuted or even subjected to "genocide" by the Ukrainian government, forcing its hand to intervene, were false.[54][56]

    Fighting continued through the summer of 2014, and by August 2014, the Ukrainian "Anti-Terrorist Operation" was able to vastly shrink the territory under the control of the pro-Russian forces, and came close to regaining control of the Russo-Ukrainian border.[57] In response to the deteriorating situation in the Donbas, Russia abandoned what has been called its "hybrid war" approach, and began a conventional invasion of the region.[57][58] As a result of the Russian invasion, DPR and LPR insurgents regained much of the territory they had lost during the Ukrainian government's preceding military offensive.[59]

    Only this Russian intervention prevented an immediate Ukrainian resolution to the conflict.[60][61][62] This forced the Ukrainian side to seek the signing of a ceasefire agreement.[63] Called the Minsk Protocol, this was signed on 5 September 2014.[64] As this failed to stop the fighting, another agreement, called Minsk II was signed on 12 February 2015.[65] This agreement called for the eventual reintegration of the Donbas republics into Ukraine, with a level of autonomy.[65] The aim of the Russian intervention in the Donbas was to establish pro-Russian governments that, upon reincorporation into Ukraine, would facilitate Russian interference in Ukrainian politics.[66] The Minsk agreements were thus highly favourable to the Russian side, as their implementation would accomplish these goals.[67]

    The conflict led to a vast exodus from the Donbas: half the region's population were forced to flee their homes.[68] A UN OHCHR report released on 3 March 2016 stated that, since the conflict broke out in 2014, the Ukrainian government registered 1.6 million internally displaced people who had fled the Donbas to other parts of Ukraine.[69] Over 1 million were said to have fled elsewhere, mostly to Russia. At the time of the report, 2.7 million people were said to continue to live in areas under DPR and LPR control,[69] comprising about one-third of the Donbas.[70]

    Despite the Minsk agreements, low-intensity fighting along the line of contact between Ukrainian government and Russian-controlled areas continued until 2022. Since the start of the conflict there have been 29 ceasefires, each intended to remain in force indefinitely, but none of them stopped the violence.[71][72][73] This led the war to be referred to as a "frozen conflict".[74] On 11 January 2017, the Ukrainian government approved a plan to reintegrate the occupied part of the Donbas and its population into Ukraine.[75] The plan would give Russian-backed political en****** partial control of the electorate and has been described by Zerkalo Nedeli as "implanting a cancerous cell into Ukraine's body."[76] This was never implemented, and was subject to public protest.

    A 2018 survey by Sociological Group "Rating" of residents of the Ukrainian-controlled parts of the Donbas found that 82% of respondents believed there was no discrimination against Russian-speaking people in Ukraine.[77] Only 11% saw some evidence of discrimination.[77] The same survey also found that 71% of respondents did not support Russia's military intervention to "protect" the Russian-speaking population, with only 9% offering support for that action.[77] Another survey by Rating, conducted in 2019, found that only 23% of those Ukrainians polled supported granting the Donbas autonomous status,[78] whilst 34% supported a ceasefire and "freezing" the conflict, 23% supported military action to recover the occupied Donbas territories, and 6% supported separating these territories from Ukraine"
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    • Originally posted by Szef View Post
      Tua was onto something

      Let's just bomb Serbia for the hell of it

      No particular reason needed, let's do it because it's fun

      Come on NATO, do the right thing
      You could drop a nuclear bomb on Belgrade but you’d only cause about $20 worth of damage.

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      • A British father-of-two has dumped his partner after falling for a 22-year-old Ukrainian refugee who came to live with them to escape the war.

        Tony Garnett, 29, and his partner Lorna, 28, took in Sofiia Karkadym at the start of May, but just 10 days later their seemingly-happy marriage was torn apart when the he ran away with the refugee.

        The security guard, who lives in Bradford, West Yorkshire, says he has fallen in love with the 22-year-old and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Sofiia, who fled the city of Lviv in western Ukraine, said she 'fancied' Tony as soon as she saw him and that the pair are living their very own 'love story'. Admitting the pain this will cause Lorna, Tony said he has 'discovered a connection with Sofiia like I've never had before', adding that they 'know this is right'.

        The family had taken Sofiia in in an effort to do their bit to help Ukrainian's fleeing the Russian invasion, with Tony telling The Sun he 'wanted to do the right thing' and that she was the first person to get in touch on a Facebook page where he offered to house a refugee.

        Sofiia, who works as an IT manager, flew into Manchester on May 4 after waiting for weeks in Berlin for her UK visa to be approved.

        Tony said he and Sofiia quickly developed a connection, and while his six-year-old and three-year-old daughters also took a liking to her, his partner of 10 years did not.

        Tony, who speaks Slovakian, would talk with his future lover while she spoke Ukrainian, as the two languages are mutually intelligible.
        [Content is Protected, Please Register For Free To Unlock This Content]
        Provided by Daily Mail Sofiia, who is an IT manager, fled the western Ukrainian city of Lviv to escape the war. However, this left Lorna not understanding what they were talking about.

        'We were getting on brilliantly but at that time it was no more than that — although I can see why Lorna started to feel jealous and resentful of her,' Tony said. As the days passed Sofiia would join Tony at the gym and they would talk in his car, while at home they grew physically closer. 'At home I realised we were finding excuses to touch and brush against each other, it was very flirtatious but nothing more than that happened at that stage,' he said.

        'Although it was fairly innocent it was causing arguments. I can understand that. When I got in at night Sofiia would be the one who had made a meal for me to try.'

        As the pair got closer and closer, Lorna became 'very jealous' Tony says, and began to question why Sofiia was following him around all the time. 'The atmosphere was getting really bad and Sofiia told me she didn't know whether she could continue to live with us under these circumstances,' he said. 'Lorna was never that enthusiastic about having a refugee in our home because it meant the girls had to move into one room.'

        Things came to a head after an explosive row between the women left Sofiia in tears and saying she no longer felt like she could no longer live in the same house as Lorna.

        Tony said 'something inside me clicked' and he told Lorna 'If she's going, I'm going'. The pair then packed their bags and moved in with Tony's mum and dad, although they are looking at properties to move into.

        After their relationship of 10 years ended in the space of just 10 days, Tony says he feels bad and that Lorna is not to blame. I am so sorry for what Lorna is going through, this was not her fault and it was not about anything she did wrong. 'We never set out to do this, it wasn't planned and we didn't mean to hurt anyone.'
        I know we'd all like to get as much pussy as possible, especially 22 year old pussy, but abandoning his wife and kids for somebody who could be Amber Heard 2.0. is more sad than anything. She's likely nuts, an ex-hooker or if she's normal will leave for somebody better before long while he's left living with his parents. Also attention-seeking to sell the story of their own scumminess to The Sun.
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        • Originally posted by GrandpaBernard View Post

          paraphrasing here

          Russia's Minister of Foreign Affairs advice for anyone who can't sleep over Ukraine getting handled by Russia:

          just imagine Ukraine is Iraq and Russia is the US


          Except Russia lost more men in a month in Ukraine than US lost for the entire 8 years that it was in Iraq.

          Therefore I do not know who is the bigger moron, the Russian official, or the misinformed nincompoop who parrots the Russian official
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          • Originally posted by Dakuwaqa View Post

            You could drop a nuclear bomb on Belgrade but you’d only cause about $20 worth of damage.
            The bomb would cost/be worth more than the whole country itself.
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            • Originally posted by Citizen Koba View Post

              OK... so kinda your own definition of 'liberalism' then. A kinda catch all for everything wrong with the world. I've no objection to folk using terms in any way they please, but I tend to use words pretty specifically and with a degree of precison - they're the only means we got of conveying the meanings going on in our minds to the minds of others after all, so it's kinda incumbent upon us to make sure we're using em the same way. Thanks for the claification though.
              To be fair? the term "liberal" was first corrupted by government. it essentially is used as a perjorative... It is supposed to mean an intelligent individual with an education and a broad mind.


              • By the way this is the level of copium Russia is now dealing with . I wonder if even toilet plunger is dumb enough to parrot this.



                • Originally posted by JimRaynor View Post
                  By the way this is the level of copium Russia is now dealing with . I wonder if even toilet plunger is dumb enough to parrot this.

                  Embedded the tweet for you. This is hilarious. The sad part is plenty of people will buy into this bullshlt propaganda.


                  • Was in Istanbul last week boys and i could smell Mariupol ,and guess what, Mariupol is ours we have our land bridge , major victory congratulations to the great white christian leader Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin , you are an inspiration to all Western right wing Europeans .

                    The entire Luhansk Oblast or (province/state) is also almost ours .

                    Just keep on grinding Vladimir because they will break in Europe , Draghi talking about no more weapons to Ukraine , in Germany people are protesting that Germany's giving weapons , make the world go hungry and teach them a lesson. And if foreign intelligence sinks another ship then It's time to bring the tactical nukes out and it's time for a party.
                    No mercy and if you can't handle it Vlad i suggest you hand the reigns over to me and i'll make quick work of it


                    • Originally posted by The plunger man View Post

                      let’s look at the numbers of which country has invaded more countries the most.......The USA and Russia

                      Let’s do Russia first shall we and seven of those was in the 2nd world war fighting Germany and nazi army.

                      the numbers says it all and who should we actually be worried about

                      What about Chechenya (twice), Syria, kasahkstan, Moldova? Those are invasions not on the list I can mention straight off the bat.
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