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Russia launches invasion of Ukraine - MASTER THREAD

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  • You see Russia has already regained the momentum in Kharkiv. This small victories for Ukrainian's make zero difference to the overall picture. It just slows down the inevitable advance slightly. You see it would have been better if Ukraine had surrendered in Feb because then they could have peacefully disbanded the terrorists and accepted a neutral stance. There is no benefit for the ordinary Ukrainians because they had the poorest, most corrupt country in Europe anyway - what does it matter if they are pro-Russian or pro-US when you have no electricity and don't know how you will feed your family for that month. It's just - as always - decadent potato-salad westerners reading the Guardian cheering on what they think are the "Goodies" but the result is always much worse for the people actually living on the ground, experiencing that reality.

    I served in Afghanistan and I have come to terms that even though, then I didn't understand it, now I can clearly see that the Taliban were the good guys and it was we who were the cause of suffering. The West doesn't "save" anyone from anything - it only creates disaster and misery with it's actions.

    But there is only so far that process can continue before it backfires in a massive way.


    • More progressive, tolerant democracy

      Why I am "far-right" ie normal.


      • mfers in the hood more strapped and ready for war than russia. cant even take over a country the size of texas. no wonder they scared of the u.s and we aint nothing to be scared of with biden. hilarious mfers in here defending mother russia. go drink a 5th of vodka and beat your wife you faaaaaaaakin clowns

        be mad, but you know im right. they are scared of nato or they would of finished this already thats why they fighting like its 1940 again.
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        • Originally posted by The plunger man View Post

          He used twitter as a source......who uses twitter most of the time it’s you nugget barratt
          Twitter is a platform not a source.
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          • New Evidence Shows How Russian Soldiers Executed Men in Bucha



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              • Originally posted by 1bad65 View Post
                The real Nazis used the "I was just following orders" excuse.

                We still punished those guys because it's a bs excuse.

                Interesting to see you parroting that very excuse when it suits your chickenhawk stance......
                I didn't say they shouldn't be punished. They should.

                Ironic you relentlessly accuse me of straw man arguements, and nit pick at people's posts.

                Merely showed an ability to not just leap to an extreme against the Russian side. Pleading guilty, taking account, citing commanders ordered you do something, are legitimate factors in trials. Period.

                By the way, do you literally ever declare an actual position of your own other than, go to war yourselves if you want war, and relentlessly picking at people's posts with smarmy one liners?

                It's poor form dude. Doesn't even come across as intelligent, as you seem to think. Condescending? Yes. Informed, well meaning, interesting contributions of value? Not so much.

                Some factual, info, news, weapons, developments from some constructive posters will be along soon. Praise the lord.
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                • Originally posted by PredatorStyle View Post
                  More progressive, tolerant democracy


                  Why I am "far-right" ie normal.
                  This war isnt about the left vs right. Also, democracy has nothing to do with progressiveness and tolerance. Just FYI. Some entity is getting people to confuse these terms and its for a reason.
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                  • Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

                    Twitter is a platform not a source.
                    well it seems it’s your source as you use it all the time......barratt the nugget

                    You mean twitter where 40% of all posters are fake no that’s why Elon musk has flagged it up......idiot


                    • Originally posted by Szef View Post

                      so you can make out bodies there and you can also make out that Russia paratroopers executed them.....unbelievable to even post it.

                      its show’s nothing and yet we as the public have to believe it.....Give me ****ing undeniable evidence that shows it’s true ffs lol