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  • Finishing the piss Scotch then on to the bourbon. 50% bottled in bond bourbon no less. Some classic American whiskey.


    • Nursed this Old Tub Jim Beam BIB baby to completion in 4 days. Moderate restraint was shown.


      • Originally posted by Pretty Boy32 View Post

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        Don't act as though you don't know me, Prettyfag.

        I am the legendary Nodogoshi, aka Virgil Caine, aka Drunken Cat.

        But you already knew that, Prettyfag.

        I was actually giving good advice. I don't think you have Herpes, but if you did, it could bust your dick up. You probably just wack off too much. Don't us all.


        • What the fuck did they do to this website?

          I can't even see all of my beautiful gifts now, fucking assholes.


          • Canadian Club Original. Shit is garbage. I can literally taste the grain alcohol in the blend and the caramel colouring to make it seem like it's not barely 3 years old.

            Why did I pay an extra dollar for this piss instead of the $20 bottle of Alberta Premium 100% Rye? Guess I either forgot what it was like or haven't had this since I was a teenager and chased whiskey with coke like a lil bitchboi. Live and learn.


            • Originally posted by K-Nan View Post

              Prison. And I need the money bad man, please pay me. I'll take 50Mil since the bank system changed.
              Nigga, do not hate me, because I am very dark, so if you give up your old hairstyle, then you have a little on the penis. Oh, and even better, if you stop having sex with a neurosurgeon or a lawyer, Tanisha may call your dog an idiot. Black ...

              what? !


              • I'm not drinking cheap canadian rye and not listening to sugar ray I just wanna fly


                • We gon' beat the odds then show you what gettin' even is
                  Ahh, my two mans in the back
                  They pre-rollin', you know it's two grams to a Back'

                  They was trappin' the grams, I brought the grams to the trap

                  Caught a diesel connect, I made my bands off the smack, what


                  • Now, I'm gonna tell yall the truth right now.

                    Prettyfag used to walk the streets for me, around the SFO airport.

                    He got the name pretty fag, because he was so pretty, but was also a fag.
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                    • This website has been destroyed. This place is run by a bunch of dip**** losers.