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What Cuisine Does UK Have?

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    Originally posted by Robbie Barrett View Post

    I know of nobody that's eaten or ever seen jellied eels on a menu. 300 years ago they probably ate rats too, but not now.
    Jellied Eels are still not uncommon in London, still a fair few Jellied Eels and Pie & Mash shops around. Maybe not in Burnley where you’re from though.


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      Pork pies and Cornish Pasties.


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        Like another poster said the UK is like America in that you can find any type of food here.

        Our own food is great.

        Cheeses- Stilton, Wensleydale, Chedder, Gloucestershire

        Roast dinner, Lincolnshire sausages, Yorkshire puddings, English breakfast

        Afternoon tea


        Pies and pasties. Kippers, ploughman’s.

        We have fantastic South Asian cuisine as well as Cantonese food and food from the Caribbean.

        More recently you can find anything from Vietnamese to Nigerian, Colombian to Italian and everything in between.

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          For something approaching traditional English food you'd want to go to a chop house. Olde style pies, chops, corn beef hashes, bubble and squeak

          Scots have a lot of their own weird that they like.

          I'm not sure what Welsh people like.

          lrish people boil f.uck out of everything but the food you'll get in restaurants will be unreal. When it comes down to it food is always better the more locally sourced it is. Ireland has everything right there literally and its tiny.


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            Popeyes is probably your best bet.
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              Meat pies and *****. Brits got good meat pies and nice warm pussy


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                Ermm Fish and Chips, usually battered Cod or Haddock

                If that doesnt tickle yo fancy, you can try alternative fish: Fishy British girl Pooosey aka Londons Slimest


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                  fry up and roast dinners are good. would hardly say we are known for our food though to be honest