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What are your thoughts on Cartel Videos?

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  • What are your thoughts on Cartel Videos?

    because of my curiosity mostly at 3AM before I go to sleep I tend to watch this videos every now and then. it's just brutal and you'd never thought what humans can do to each other. it gets stuck with me but I sway my mind off of it by thinking that maybe it's all fake. a good special effects that this people put out to scare off their enemies. or maybe I just don't watch it with sound so I won't hear the agony and horror in their voice. I guess if it's a rival gang I'd say they deserve it. but if it's innocent people or females that gets in this videos I can't watch.

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    Mexico is and/or can be dangerous to pinoys, white boys, dea, etc.

    latino machismo, corruption and poverty are ideal locations for guys to impress each other.


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      Love cartel torture vids. I watch them in the morning while I sip my coffee to get my mind right for the day. Every single morning. Then by the time I get to my office job and punch that clock I am ready to take no prisoners.


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        Originally posted by iamboxing
        They are authentic. They're made to intimidate snitches and the general populace.

        You'll either become desensitized and search out sicker and sicker videos, but you'll just damage your psyche in the process. Others will be repulsed to ever watch another video, but they'll feel despaired and lose faith in humanity for a few years.

        Only the truly faithful can look past the mangled limbs and distorted faces, and see it for what it truly is: a desperate ploy to safeguard a lucrative business.

        The soul lives on.
        there was this vid where a cartel leaders nickname is Ghostrider. so they decided to torture him for days. the video shows him doused with alcohol on his face and lighted up in flames. he was well alive probably with all the drugs they injected him. little by little you can see his skin melt and last part that was left was just his burnt flesh, no eyelids and no lips. you can literally see the skull yet his eyes were bulge out, well alive and he was begging them to end him there.


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          I think it's important that young men watch some of these, you don't want to be too sheltered, you need to understand that evil exists in this world.

          I wouldnt reccomend binge watching the **** over and over again, it will impact on your psyche


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            It will no doubt change you psychologically watching a real death, don't watch these videos ever unless it's in your profession to do so.

            It's important to research the people and geogrophy that perform these acts. It was normal for them before they got colonized, so a lot of these people were raised as monsters thinking it was a normal thing to do.

            And its not like they were dumb people, they were like the Egyptians You think they have the biggest pyramid which is collasal, the Great Pyramid of Cholula, Pirámide Tepanapa, or, in the indigenous Nahuatl language, Tlachihualtepetl, or ‘artificial mountain’, the structure measures 400 by 400 metres and has a total volume of 4.45 million cubic metres, almost twice that of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


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              As long as the victims aren't innocent people I'm all for them.


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                Originally posted by BodyBagz View Post
                As long as the victims aren't innocent people I'm all for them.


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                  Originally posted by Jerub_Baal View Post
                  Might be Dexter's Code as well (the new season better not suck like GOT's did !!!!)

                  Some (most) cartels don't have a moral compass. Anything goes. Anyone can get killed

                  Dexter's daddy's name is Harry, if this is the Harry in question.
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                    Not into torture pron but I heard there was one where they power sanded a guy's face off.