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University Of Berkeley Students Filmed SUPPORTING Taliban Funding

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  • University Of Berkeley Students Filmed SUPPORTING Taliban Funding, do you still think people are just Americans who hate Trump?

    Because this is what the Democrats have caused - ignorance where they don't understand what they're saying or what they support.

    This should scare you.

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    Berkeley my skool used to be a bastion of higher learning…

    affirmative action really lowered the bar … standards of excellence, etc.. all went down.

    coddling subpar students really messed that place up.

    Sather gate, Sproul PlazA, Evans(computer science bldg)

    humpry go BART- play on words.

    Wictimhood University

    I was in a dorm Ida Sproul ..

    I miss rasputin records, blondies pizza. Used bookstores, and slipping chicks my kawk


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      I used to live in Northern California from 208-2011.

      Telegraph Road near Berkeley was the bomb ass spot for food.

      Its like a whole different universe where liberalism runs rampant.

      Cant imagine what it’s like in 2021.

      I remember they were protesting these trees that were getting cut down and the protestors were on the trees on top . Wild times.


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        Originally posted by iamboxing
        What a bunch of undiscerning morons Americans have become. They don't even know what he's campaigning for, they just see the clipboard, hear "against America" and assume it's some noble, liberal pursuit.
        Yep. I really wish these people would find a way to leave. Save up some money and get on a plane and don't look back. I don't care if you hate the United States -- that's your right, but go somewhere else and do it. For the life of me I cannot understand how you can hate a country so much, yet still want to have a career there.

        If I hated this place as much as they did, I'd be trying my hardest to save up to leave. And it's not the money that's keeping them from going, because there's a lot of places that cost a fraction of what it costs to live here.


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          How are they not punished for treason