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Black VS White: Which pooosey would you sniff?

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    Originally posted by i_am_a_champ View Post

    Muscular chicks are a turn off

    Its like your focking a bro from the gym

    I lost wood plowing an aerobics female in LA.

    think of Napoleon Dynamite movie scene. Muscular chicks don’t turn me on


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      I'm not a fan of muscular type chicks either fellas. That being said, I might be dipping in the chocolate fountain for this one.


      Hopefully she doesn't read my posts from the boxing scene lounge and things should go smoothly.
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        I will sniff all da poooseys

        doesn't matter which


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          I pick both. Let me finish one off, then onto the next one. HAHA
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            Chocolate > vanilla

            They're both hot and I like fit girls who lift weights, but the white girl is a little too ripped for my taste.


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              Originally posted by Mike D View Post
              I will sniff all da poooseys

              doesn't matter which
              Blindfold sniff challenge required I reckon....


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                The black girl is hotter


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                  Originally posted by i_am_a_champ View Post
                  Greeting pooosey lovers

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                  I cannot choose. I have to have one straddling my tiny pecker and one sat on my face

                  Id love to lick both these gurllls pooooseys.

                  So , ladies if you are reading this post, both of you, please note theres a short bald man in his 40's from England who would like nothing better to sniff yo pooooseys

                  Fellaz, whats your pick?
                  Bish ass nukka, you only sniff peckers


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                    Both and you can add asians and latinas to the list. East Indians and every other race of woman can be very beautiful too. I’m a white guy who’s always been attracted to other races. I’ve always loved black women and for a long, long time I’ve been particularly attracted to Asian women. I love them long time.


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                      I used what info the black girls thumbnail gave me to look her up so I’d know for sure. The white girl is more attractive.