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How similar is your boxingscene personality to the real you?

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  • How similar is your boxingscene personality to the real you?

    Are you more or less the same? Do you talk nonsense because your bored at work?


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    I try to be genuine and come across like a stoner who browses this site while having their tea and biscuits but not sure I pull that off.


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      I'd like to think I'm almost the same. Or at least I try to be.

      I'm pretty sure I'm more nice and friendly online. And I'm more of a dick in real life lol.


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        I'm pretending to be a 60 something straight white male, while in reality I'm a 22 year old butch dyke attending Chico University. I'm working on my masters in Social Science and have written several papers on you weird phckers.

        Thanks for the material.
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          I am definitely genuine. The same things I comment on or have opinions on are the same exact way I'd say them to anyone in person. I also only comment on topics that I can actually discuss or debate.


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            about 50/50. I'd give a **** if you get my jokes or not in person.


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              I'm the same person, just have less patience with people in person.
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                I’m pretty much the same old bastard in person.

                I’ve spoken to a lot of posters via my telephone…

                I called a solid guy in South Africa, Called my ace Duce in New Zeland, Spoke to Jaded—- cool dudes, I spoke to Big Larry and he’s super cool, told me just come, bbq, and we kick it..

                I met one poster in person…

                True Boxing Fan was supposed to show, for a free meal, but his tranny loving azz didn’t show.

                Interesting quote,

                Im more into Kant, and reading papers by Jewish scholars.

                I like Maimonadies, The gulag archipelago,Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.. I am into Japanese novelists who were greatly influenced by nihilistic authors.

                on a lighter note, I like Japanese authors … Haruki Murakami-Norwegian wood, Yoshimoto Banana’s books, I read Japanese.. my wife buys me books in Spanish and I read them for her.

                I like short stories like shunkinsho, anyway…

                read more…
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                  Originally posted by KillaMane26 View Post
                  I'm the same person, just have less patience with people in person.
                  My wife gets really mad at me when I get impatient with people in Japan.

                  basically, she says, just smile when a dude bumps into you on the crowded streets and doesn’t say excuse me or I’m sorry.


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                    I use more Americanisms on the Scene, although embarrassingly I suspect it's starting to bleed back a little into real life.

                    As for my general persona hopefully much the same, probably a bit more adversarial than I would be IRL but I suspect that's part of the nature of the medium.