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thoughts on the new Halloween movie?

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  • thoughts on the new Halloween movie?

    this franchise been going on since before i was born. i grew up watching these.

    my last favorite one was H20 in 1998.

    this new one was just bad... really bad

    the acting was cringe.

    Jaime lee curtis only taking this role for a check, she spent the entire movie in one place.

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    I liked the first Rob Zombie remake.


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      I liked it, Myers is an OG triple me
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        Admittedly I'm a harsh critic but I thought it was ****. By recent standards of movies it's a C- however if you're looking to see something that trying to tell a good story I would skip this one. Even if you're looking for good kills I would skip this one because none of them are that creative.


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          Can't be worse than H20?

          I dunno never really followed them.


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            The first one was good. The rest terrible.

            Won’t be watching this new one.


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              Don’t know which is worse, the reboot Batman or the reboot Michael Myers.

              Who’d win in a fight between those two? That should be the next film.

              Batman vs. Michael Myers.
              Spice **** up for once.


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                It sucked. I'm a big fan of the original two. When the 2018 reboot came out I was skeptical but optimistic. I was a little disappointed but I still liked it better than Zombie's versions. This one is just straight trash. Jumbled story line, no build up or tension--just straight to killing, corny lines, poor acting, and not a one sympathetic character that you could rally behind. You actually want to see all these douchebags get killed. The hospital scene was ridiculous, and the ending even moreso. I don't know what he has in store for the final movie of this trilogy, but I'm lowering my expectations. Thing is, I was skeptical from the start when I learned that Danny McBride would be one of the writers and co-producers. He needs to stick to his cornball comedies and stay out of the horror genre.

                Now I'm even more bummed because the director of this Halloween trilogy has also been tagged to direct the new Exorcist trilogy. F--k!


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                  1 word-SAVAGE!!!!!!!!!!!


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                    Not gonna watch. Tired of being disappointed.

                    The only great Halloween movies are I, II, and IV.

                    The original Rob Zombie remake was decent, but not that great. Every other Halloween was garbage.