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If we went back to life with no internet

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    It would most likely force Bodybumz and 1bad65 to finally go out on a date rather than teasing each other on here.

    I imagine their bedroom the next day would smell something like cheetos and pepperoni.
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      Originally posted by LarryX.... View Post
      I think the more tech we get the more humanity we lose connection with..
      I will tell you this Doctor Larry... I STILL to this day (makes Deontay Wilder face) am amazed and charmed by how easy it is to get good information so easily about anything! I still have such vivid memories of wanting to know stuff and going to the Library as a kid... How elaborate the process was.

      I look at sites like Wikipedia and Youtube and its a blessing. People will say that the information is not the best... but the quality is good, and it always can give you essentials.

      So for example, Tim Witherspoon joins our site... always one of my favorite fighters and I want to rewatch the Bruno fight... as a kid? good luck! Now? I can go to Youtube and catch all of "Terrible Tim's" fights. Its amazing to me!


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          The good ol blue door/curtain of shame


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            Originally posted by LarryX.... View Post
            how would the world change..better or worse?
            Families and ppl would actually TALK to each other.

            I go to bars and all I see is ppl drinking staring at their phones. Even texted the person right next to them!!! It's insane


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              Originally posted by BodyBagz View Post

              The good ol blue door/curtain of shame

              Haha, the cute blondie behind the register always blushed when I rented a handfull of those. Good times.
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                Most people would be happier

                many people would be dumber

                Internet is the great for guys with discipline


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                  Originally posted by Santa_ View Post

                  Haha, the cute blondie behind the register always blushed when I rented a handfull of those. Good times.
                  If I saw only women at the counter, I would tone down my selections


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                    Originally posted by i_am_a_champ View Post

                    hell yeh

                    I miss those p0wn movies on Sat1 ,as a teenager id watch them on Friday and Saturday nights and furiosly and savagely wank my pecker to them. I could go 4 times a night and recover after 10 mins , my 9mm had a fast reload time.

                    RTL was good too. There were a few channels. Vox was another one. I think they had a show cslled Wahre Lieb that aired on Wednesdays


                    It was the german version of ********* but alot more spicy

                    I used to tune in on Wednesday school nights and wank to that

                    those saucy german women affected the wee lad in me. To this day i find german milfs or even young women a turn on when i hear them speak

                    Good times.

                    Do you remember Tutti Frutti on RTL!!!!

                    I used to go to my nans every Friday night to watch these shows as she was the only one to have Satellite back in 1989. She'd go to bed early and I'd rub one off for 4-5 hours!!!

                    Some of the top pervs had a D2Mac decoder that would enable them to watch hardcore on FILMNET!!


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                      Originally posted by 4truth View Post
                      I'd be investing in the publishers of encyclopedias.
                      I'd break out the ol Encarta CD ROMS haha