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20 Rep Squats and Milk

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    Be a good bloke and put a fat American —- “woke” stinky azz fatty on your shoulders..

    then post proof


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      I've never done 20 squats before let alone 20 squats and milk


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        Originally posted by i_am_a_champ View Post

        *Note to mods*

        Please leave this thread in the lounge and not move it to health and fitness. I prefer discussing this stuff with lounge virgins who are just like me . Gracias!

        Hey dudes,

        I am currently doing the 20 rep squat routine and i must say that damn this is a brutal routine. The routine is below:

        Warm up and Stretch - Very important

        1 x 20 squats , super setting with 1 x 20 dumbell/barbell pull overs to expand the rib cage

        3 x 12 barbell press behind neck

        1 x 15 barbell shrug

        3 x 12 barbell bench press

        3 x 15 barbell bent over row

        1 x 15 stiff legged dead lift

        1 x 20 pull overs

        * additional work *

        I have added in 2 sets of barbell curls or close grip chin ups to failure and 2 sets of 15 hammer curls

        This is done 3 times a week

        My diet looks like this:


        1 Pint of whole milk .


        Grilled Lamb chops
        Hash Browns
        1 Pint Whole milk


        Grilled Lamb chops
        Hash Browns
        1 Pint Whole milk

        The meals with lamb chops mostly come out to around 1100 Kcals, so big meals. Coupled with calories i get from the Whole milk , i get around 3000+ kcals a day. I got almost 4000 Calories and around 180grams of protien on one occasion. I ate like a monster and the routine makes you hungry af!

        Sometimes my dad will make brown rice and chicken breasts so will get stuck into those too.

        I also eat the odd burgers here and there depending on the day plus 1 or 2 snickers bars with more pints of whole milk.

        I try to do GOMAD ( 1 gallon of milk a day ) , this works out to like 8 pints of whole fat milk a day. I can manage around 4, sometimes 5 pints a day.

        I went from around 131-133ish to around 146lb in about 5 weeks so far, insha allah going to get alot bigger and stronger as i progress.

        Things i have noticed:

        Little fat gain. This is very noticeable. The fat gain has been minimal. I did other routines before like 5x5 and some 3 day splits in the past and gained a fair bit of fat during the programmes.

        I think the reason was that i would use supplements like mass gainers and protien powders. I believe the milk is perfect for building mass. It is whole fat milk, full fat.

        I think its a perfect blend of nutrients, carbs, fats and of course protiens that puts on very little fat compared to protien powders which contain a lot of artificial shyt.

        All in all, brutal routine but my shoulders and chest especially have never been so full and i am not even done with the programme yet!

        Please share if you have done this routine or anything simmilar. Thanks brothers!
        No to di milk, Rude Yute!