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    I feel fine, got 2 Pfizer shots, but long term effects are unknownわ?

    My wife got her Pfizer shots and her shoulder got swollen, purple-ish, and took some days off of work to recover.


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      Originally posted by man down View Post

      Uh my whole family is native and moved to CA from OK from the rez. So um yeah I'd say I grew up around my people.

      If a black man was raised and lives in a white area is he still black?

      Ok I've had enough I'm off to the lake to clear my head. You guys have a fascist day!
      oklahoma, I love that place. My sister married a Native American— cool guy.

      I have been to a few reservations.

      When I was in Federal prison, I’d go to sweat lodge, eat fry bread, Buffalo /beefalo.

      some native Americans are great b ball players.

      there’s a tribe of native Americans that freely move between Mexico and USA.