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    Originally posted by Marchegiano View Post

    Yes, went for it because they had other options. ****ing dumb. It's part of Lend-Lease. There is no history book, from America, England, the Germans, does not ****ing matter, no one but our Siablo believed the UK had ****ing options. Churchy gives a whole speech about how FDR is causing the collapse of the BE, but, him coulda did something ta save it doe.

    Got to be the dumbest **** you've ever posted at me. This isn't obscure history, it is fundamental history. Not only did America break up the BE using economics alone not unlike how America ended the USSR, but, America rebuilt Europe after the war too. The UK was in no position to do **** about **** and who forced that? Exactly. Send the troops and you bitches cry takeover. Set up the situation and you pump your chest out like you did **** all but be there and realize oh...we don't has tah no mo. Ooooo. Guess what? Barbados just realized they don't has tah no more a little bit more than your stupid ass.

    But we had a revolution doe. So did Cuba ya dumb ****.
    It was still up to the different islands to go get it. Cayman and Bermuda didn't. We had options. No one was force to get independence. The islands decided.

    Barbados did a ceremonial thing. Nothing significant.