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How many times were you sent to the principals office in school?

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  • How many times were you sent to the principals office in school?

    And what did you do?

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    A few, fighting and one time I brought a uzi bb gun to show my friends. Keep in mind this was 30 years ago.


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      Four, twice for fighting, once for being "a poor representation of the school," and once bc he-who-was-once-my-brother was homeless and my parents were offering to take him in if I were okay with it.


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        One time. It was for shooting spit wads, but what a glorious shot it was. Ended up mowing the lawn with these old school rotary push blades...........Rockin'


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          I was there a few times. Luckily it all stopped when I was a freshman in high school.


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            The principal once told me and my cousin that we have been sent to the office more than anyone in the schools history.

            I remember standing there with a volleyball and the kid behind me was saying it looks like I’m holding my junk. Turned around and threw the ball right into his face lol. My own teammate. Then I’d get sent to the office and My cousin is already therefor some other reason from another class.

            One time in the library there was this kid playing some f-18 fighter jet game and I used the hot keys to eject him out of his plane. This gay kid stood up and came at me. Got to say, I was not expecting that. Good on him for standing up for his kind. Beat the **** out of him though.

            There was this ten years past her prime teacher that would lean right over you and into you sometimes when she was helping you. I told her that her breathe stank like dick.

            This tall azz girl who belongs in the WNBA was talking to me and wouldn’t stfu and I wrote “fuck you” on a test paper without realiZing it. Handed that to the teacher at the end of class.

            I slashed the principals son once with a hockey stick and then he slashed me back and instead of dropping our equipment we engaged in a light saber duel lol. A classic sword fight. In the office the principal had a meltdown and goes “I know my kid is fat. Why does it even matter to you?”

            I have a thousand of these. I should stop here.
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              The first time I was ever sent to the office was in kindergarten.

              There was this chalk walk, they’d call it, where all the kids go out and draw rainbow and sunshine’s or whatever on the sidewalk. I wrote the word “sex”. And I don’t know if they thought I was being molested or what but I got sent to the office.

              And my cousin was once sent to the office five seconds after entering the class room. We shared one class together so I witnessed this. He walks in and someone is sitting in his usual seat and he goes “get the **** up” and almost without looking up the teacher sent him away.

              I think once you’ve been labeled a problem child that you just get tossed away or given up on. I’ve seen more privileged kids do some nasty stuff and not get sent away when I would have been for doing the same thing.
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                Twice. Once in 4th grade and again in high school.


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                  Come on guys. You got to have some cool
                  stories. Let’s hear how awful you were