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What’s one thing you want to accomplish before you pass on?

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    Originally posted by TheMyspaceDayz View Post
    I don’t want a kid. This insanity must stop with me.

    Got this sweet Haitian lined up though and I’m going to rip into that.

    I think more than anything that I just want to establish myself as a better man in general. I’ve done plenty good in the past but I’ve done some evil.
    Great Thread idea!

    I kind of figured things out at an early age, literally went into a monastery for a while, went out into the world... I figured out that this world is designed to be a kind of test, a boot camp of sorts... I don't think we really die. If we are here we have some work to do. We get a life review when the lights go out... I want mine to be as best I can make it. Despite the pain of age, my injuries, etc I want to be a complete man, capable of exerting effort to fight for what I believe in, and I want to correct stupid things I have done in the past. despite how hard it is I want to do the right thing when it is called for.

    Now selfish things? Would love to get the PHD I was completing when my first born popped out, but I don't know if thats going to happen lol. Would love to see my sons marry and have kids, if that is what they want. thats about it lol... I mean I don't have an incredible income, but I have managed to raise my family, I have learned to be an expert martial artist, chef, professional writer and scholar in Philosophy/Religion. I probably will have a great income with what I am doing now... So I don't feel like I have wasted much time lol. Wouldn't mind maybe closing out in an apartment in NYC, but San Francisco always calls me back! lol. So I might well end up leaving this world in the Bay Area. BUT... One selfish request would be, to live and die in the city of my birth and that shaped me the most, NYC.

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      Originally posted by Butt stuff View Post
      I wanna find out what’s cracking with aliens.
      Great One!!! I used to have this on my list: Im convinced now that they have made their presence known. So my reasoning is why wait for my government to tell me to stop smoking because it is dangerous when common sense tells us such... eMeaning, I don't need crazy Joe, or some sanctioned lackey to tell me the obvious... they are here, have been here since we started playing with the proverbial matches, vis a vis splitting atoms. thats when we started to see a few saucers... just like if you want to see dad? pick up those matches! lol.
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        Originally posted by Rockin' View Post
        I just want a youth to pass on to what I learned of the sport. I may have found my boy! ........Rockin'
        Siablo could be the heavybag!


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          Originally posted by TheMyspaceDayz View Post

          I got this hottie in Vegas just waiting for me to give her the green light and then she is coming to Canada. I talk weird sometimes. I know.
          Haitian hottie?


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            Originally posted by siablo14 View Post

            Haitian hottie?
            Oh hell yeah, dude.

            Like “can I marry this girl on the phone?” kind of hot.
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              Well, for the longest time, it’s been to lose my virginity, but I did that already. Now, idk. I have to figure out some new goals.

              Maybe have sex with as many women as possible? I need to make up for lost ground.


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                Build a spaceship


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                  My ultimate goal in life is to be the only person ever to be able to vomit and sht at the same time. So far it's proving harder than it sounds


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                    Originally posted by billeau2 View Post

                    Siabho could be the heavybag!
                    The boy would need time to grow and mature. Hopefully he will learn that you'll get nothing out of slappin' a rhetard.

                    But I must admit, that it is fun on-line..............Rockin'
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                      Originally posted by El-Malo- View Post
                      My ultimate goal in life is to be the only person ever to be able to vomit and sht at the same time. So far it's proving harder than it sounds
                      That's already been done numerous times. I did that when my appendix was about to burst.
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