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Longest Drive You’ve Done to Have Sex

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  • Longest Drive You’ve Done to Have Sex

    A friend recently drove 2 hours to sex a stripper at her home after her shift. Neither live close to her work lol

    so his round trip was a grand total of 4 hours. That’s too much work.

    I’d only drive that much if my mother was in an emergency
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    Across town when I had to use maps when I had my learner's license. We watched a movie and did get bj and kind of distracted from the movie, just feeling up on them *******.she got the movie from blockbuster lol. She had on a strapless bra, no trouble with unhooking it lol. Both are obsolete VHS and rentals. But it was a nice high school to do list to add to my dude list.
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      I drove 8 hours to pick up my high school girlfriend from Myrtle Beach, SC and then 8 hours home. Wasn't necessarily just for sex though. She went down with her Mom and sisters for vacation and to spend time with their grandma that lived there. She ended up getting into it with her older sister and begged me to pick her up. Before we left I made sure I beat those guts on the beach. Then I made her give me gas money and suck me off on the ride home lol.

      The longest drive just to have sex would be around 45 minutes. My one ex lived 45 minutes away from me. I ended up letting her move in with me because I hated driving so far for p**sy all the time lol. What a mistake that ended up being though. She was beautiful but also a messy and lazy hog. She never did dishes, never cooked, never cleaned up, even after her own self, etc... she was basically a cum dumpster that expected me to cater to her. Letting her move in changed how she acted. From independent woman to lazy princess. Even quit her job doing data entry. One day she complained about my old man's 69 Camaro getting too much $ and attention, so I broke up with her and threw her ass out.
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        2 hour round trip max. Keep in mind I live in the vast wilderness of Canaduh.

        Aint no hoe worth going much further than that for me.
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          dude drives a total of 4 hours for a total of 4 min for a total of 400 bucks lol


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            From San Diego to Fresno. days going home on the weekends.


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              15 minutes.........


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                Originally posted by YoungManRumble View Post
                2 hour round trip max. Keep in mind I live in the vast wilderness of Canaduh.

                Aint no hoe worth going much further than that for me.
                Wow! What a cool place to live! Is it a village, a town of some sort? I had a fellow student that used to come in from Thunder Bay to go to University of Toronto, I had a place downtown (student housing)... Nice guy... Was studying Pentacostal Religion... Really learned to respect that tradition through him.


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                  For sure I'd drive 4 hours for sex with a girl I found really attractive. What else am I gonna do with my 4 hours, watch TV? If I was single and hadn't had any in a while I might even travel that long for sex with a below average girl


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