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If You're Asian Who Do You Side With In Prison?

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  • Originally posted by Left Hook Tua View Post
    Oh man

    Rave parties

    Brings me back to the mid 90s

    They rent a warehouse

    Throw a rave

    You buy tickets

    they dont give you the address

    You have to drive to meet up these guys who tell you to meet up these other guys who will tell you where it is

    Old school

    After that it became all commercialized
    Lol... yeah they were big and this was the 90's. Being a bouncer for so long I couldn't stand them... Much preferred to go to bars that didn't need bouncers lol. My kids tell me that now they are called "trap houses." they rent an air B&B of something, often destroy the thing...


    • A rave club bouncer once told me the worst is hip hop clubs.

      Giant black dude. Cool as hell.

      Techno club, later Vitamin E over here in ktown.

      Place had a couple mexican and white bouncers, 2 giant black bouncers and head of security was a mexican off duty LAPD.

      One day my friends and i beat the crap out of the mexican and white bouncers. Beat them down pretty good. They had to jump over the bar and hide behind the bar.

      The black bouncers were like it's cool. Just asked us to stop beating the other bouncers up. They weren't even tripping. Lol