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How come you rarely see videos of Mexicans just randomly beating up Black People in the USA? #StopAllHate

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    Originally posted by FinitoxDinamita View Post
    The gang culture proves this too. Asian and Mexican gangs have structure and hierarchy. Blacks just run wild and busy killing each other. Cant be trusted
    Lol. You could’ve just said LDBC. The LDBC are wannabe fans of the debauchery you’re referring to


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      Originally posted by LarryX.... View Post
      well here where I live most are 5'2 and 100 pounds..might not work out to well for them
      Exactly what I was thinking. It would take nearly a village to put on a beatdown.


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        I cant speak for the Mexicans but Asians are too smart and savy to do dirt on camera. You will rarely see asian G on instagram or youtube snitching on themselves.

        we are not stupid fkin peasants.

        Looks at these losers like Lil Durk and Vonn. Nigas tried to gang bang online and got murked lol


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          Originally posted by GhostofDempsey View Post
          Back in the late 90’s and 2000’s Mexican gangs ran off most of the black gangs from Los Angeles and other west coast cities. There is a much smaller presence now as Mexican and other Latin gangs have taken over.
          Messican chin check azz clowns Ikue Saiblo

          my dad Augustine would beat my azz if I applied for free mint