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Andrew Yang criticized Hamas terrorism, then apologized for it.

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  • prefix_66_title_rich Andrew Yang criticized Hamas terrorism, then apologized for it.

    This spineless clown was running for president?

    He criticized Hamas terrorism but then apologized for it.

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    Clown world

    smh. Yang grow a pair. I like the guy too. Dems will be Dems though


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      This fuc king ''Say You're Sorry'' generation


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        Netanyahu says Hamas ain’t seen nothing yet!
        I feel for all people who are trapped by governments who go toe to toe. Civilians just wanna live.
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          Anybody know the history of this conflict?


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            Originally posted by -TAKEOVER- View Post
            Anybody know the history of this conflict?

            There's books, long books, out there about it, it's hard to do it justice without writing a few hundred pages.

            To try and quickly sum it up for an internet forum, basically;

            1) That area of the world (Israel, particularly Jerusalem), is theoretically the original home of the Jews. It's been fought over many times due to it's religious significance.

            2) At the end of world war 2, it's under British control, mostly inhabited by Muslims, with some Jews and Christians living there. More Jews were living there at that point than hand been for centuries as some had fled Russia's pogroms and early Nazi era Germany to go there.

            3) as WW2 ends what to do with the Jewish survivors become as a question, and the answer is to let them move to that area and create the small state of Israel. The muslims aren't to happy with this, though they'd been living reasonably harmoniously with the Jews in Palestine at the time, lots of them moving in and getting to take about half of their country does not go down well. People were forcibly removed from their towns and villages they'd lived in for centuries, you can understand why they'd be mad about it.

            4) I think it's 1948 when the Muslims try to forcibly get rid of the Jews in a war, and lose. The Jews advance their territory

            5) it happens again, I think it's 1967, several muslim countries try to wipe out israel, lose again, and the Jews take more land. They now control the whole country with pockets of muslims living within their land.

            6) Jews strengthen their grip on the country, they build fences everywhere, muslims have to go through checkpoints and produce ID all the time, they can be stopped for hours. The Jews are very heavy handed, you can understand why the Muslims are angry about the situation, but you can also understand the Jewish position that they have an insurgent problem, no about of left wing hand wringing from other countries is going to change that, and whenever they've shown weakness in the past they've suffered for it, so they aren't giving an inch.

            7) The muslims were offered a 2 state solution, I think it was in the 90's when Clinton was US president, but the leader of their biggest organisation turned it down.

            8) since then the Jews are not looking to compromise and keep advancing into what is supposed to be the muslim parts of the country to take more land, and muslim terrorist organisations keep either bombing places from within Israel or firing rockets from areas they control like Gaza. This leads to retaliation by the military who are much better armed and do way more damage, and increasing restrictions on muslims within Israel. I'm not sure if the muslim plan is to prod Israel enough they do something really bad and then the US or UN really step in, but it hasn't worked so far.

            9) it's not an easy one to solve because basically the Jews want the whole country, they might give lip service to wanting a peaceful solution but really they don't want the internal threat, they want the land for expanding their population, they want them all out, and the muslims don't want to settle for having 20% of their old country and want the Jews gone.


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              you cannot objectively watch an entire building go down with nine children in it and tell me this is fair, justified, legal, any of the words one might use. israel is a powerful ally of the US and in some instances a proxy for the US military in that it is funded and backed up by the pentagon and US banks.

              hamas has blood on their hands too, for firing rockets into israel going back decades. no good comes of this unless you are a politician or an Israeli who will benefit from the annexation of muslims in the area.

              this is religious violence and ethnic and nationalistic violence and it is primarily against people, not militaries. FFS they are firing rockets into the muslim parts of the city saying htey're targeting military targets. on what ****ing planet is that ok to do? when the US does it the rest of the world gets up in arms, what is the difference here?

              andrew yang is a shill like the rest of them. you are not a benevolent dude if you think this is anything other than condemnable. politici8ans are salespeople. they sell votes. he's a new york based politician and he's trying to cater to the whopping 10-15% of the population of NYC that is jewish. that's between 1 and 2 million people.

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                Nobody knows the full story so either you stay impartial and take a side. These guys once they get blow back the try to retract what they said.