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Israeli Forces go Gangsta on final Ramadan days, shooting and raiding inside mosques

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    the small hats are guilty of crimes against humanity

    they hide by accusing anybody of "anti semitism"

    they also have full control and power of American government.

    if america stops giving Israel money for 1 year, that money would end homelessness in the US.

    this is why its funny whenever jews try to compare the holocaust with slavery. they're still getting reparations from multiple nations. and America makes sure they have all the military arsenal necessary to oppress and massacre Palestinians.

    jews view non jews as less than humans. its written in the Talmud, the religious book they follow even more than the Torah. basically Palestinians dying is like killing roaches for them, they dont see them as people. the "goyim" have no worth to the jew.

    but of course american media will side with them because the US media is owned by.... yep
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      Originally posted by Left Hook Tua View Post
      Why are the juice shooting up mosque?

      We give them f-15s,f-16s,f-35s and apaches for a reason.

      Surely bombs and rockets would be more efficient?
      much more expensive though


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        Originally posted by New England View Post
        looks like genocide to me. do they really not remember 80 years ago, give or take?
        Yeah genocide.

        With non lethal weapons.

        If your iq was any lower, we'd have to classify you as a cocker spaniel.


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          Originally posted by Don Pichardo View Post

          much more expensive though
          More expensive?

          We give them most of that crap for free.

          Damn cheap juice.


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            WAR \\\


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              aaaah the jews.


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                People still won’t acknowledge it though.


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                  This spineless clown was running for president?

                  He criticized Hamas terrorism but then apologized for it.



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                    Originally posted by Thuglife Nelo View Post

                    I was chatting with some friends about this, the convenience of cell phones today. Cameras in the 80-90’s weren’t practical to capture such things nor was the gear available. It’s crazy that Govt.s whom claim to be affiliated to western first world nations (which ironically USA protests and mass people looking urbanized ghetto), don’t take accountability of these actions. Remember growing up in the late 70’s we assumed progression (or the civilized) was a given?
                    I thought having a Polaroid Instamatic Camera was state of the art.

                    Many third world countries have ppl who have good smart phones, Nike shoes, Bulls caps, and still want money from America.
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