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Anyone watching this George Floyd trial?

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  • Anyone watching this George Floyd trial?

    My patient had the TV on and she was watching the trial. While there I got to see part of the trial where they showed body cam footage from 2 of the officers who were there. with 2 different vantage points.

    this was the first time i got to see this type of footage and my take:

    the footage starts off with the cops entering the store and meeting with the worker.

    1. guy from the store had the fake $20 in his hand when the cops came in and told him about the suspect
    2. when the cops reached Floyd's car, Floyd already started trippin. These cops were actually pretty patient while floyd was straight up acting a fool from the get go. they went to his car and he started spazzing out and not listening that one cop had to finally pull out his gun for him to finally shut up(which he still didn't-I know he was scared but that's the time to shut up)
    3. they asked him to get out of the car and he wouldn't and when they told him lets go to the swat car he was tripping and falling to the ground. they were asking him to get in the car and obviously he wasn't
    4. he was saying he couldn't breathe when he was sitting in the car
    5. every time they asked him to get into the car he wouldn't, and kept saying he couldn't breathe and was claustrophobic so they brought him out of the car instead
    6. it took 3 cops to pin him down(it shouldn't b that many if the dude is really not resisting)
    7. floyd was actually a big dude

    i knew 1-6, but 7 i was surprised about. off the body cam from the cops, floyd was a big dude and i can see why it was hard to hold him down if he was really resisting(but then i remembered that he did work security and according to his family was an all american athlete, so makes sense why he was strong)

    8. people were telling the cop to let him off cuz he was passing out. the cop should've done it or at least ease his pressure, especially since floyd wasn't kicking around like he initially was

    9. before passing out, there was a cop holding down the legs, a cop holding down his waist, and another cop on the neck, again, if dude ain't resisting, then it won't take 3 cops. the cop who had the legs, it was through his body cam that we were watching, and every now and then you see him have to push down on floyd's legs cuz he wasn't staying still

    I couldn't watch the rest, but just watching those 2 officer body cam footage, I never realized how much of a struggle it were for these cops to keep this guy still

    the cop asked him for ID and he didn't have any. So this guy was handing out fake 20s and also driving without ID, great.

    make sure u grab what u need from the stores before a verdict is given.

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    I would've capped his ass
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      I'm kind of over this George Floyd sht to be honest.

      I feel like I already know more details than I even care to.

      Just wake me up when the trial is over and the riots start.
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        Try tying your hands behind your back, laying on the ground, and getting up by yourself..especially on a street where you would have to use your face to lift yourself up.

        Then try it with three friends using one hand on your leg, one hand on your back, and one hand on your arm. Make them women if you'd like.

        Getting up by yourself wouldn't be so easy. Getting up while three people restrain you without putting a knee on your neck forcing you to pass out would probably be impossible. There was no big struggle while he was on the ground. He said, "Thank you," when pulled out of the car and told to lie down. He never tried to get away from the officers when they initially had him sit down with handcuffs nor at any other time. The only movement he was doing on the ground was to try to get air.
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          Man if they are found not guilty... Can you imagine?


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            Originally posted by Beercules View Post
            I would've capped his ass
            Damn reprobate.


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              Originally posted by siablo14 View Post

              Damn reprobate.
              Make me my honey, boy


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                At the end why didn’t those other cops continue holding him down so the main guy wouldn’t need to use his knee

                putting a knee over the neck of someone saying I can’t breathe doesn’t look good


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                  Cops have only themselves to blame. They already had him down and cuffed so they didn't had to put so much weight on him for so long. He might had fought enough for them to take no chances but they had to access the situation taking in consideration that Floyd was still agitated and to hold him down for so long my cause breathing problems. That is when they cannot take it personal and do what needs to be done.


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                    Originally posted by Beercules View Post

                    Make me my honey, boy
                    Aye chico, if you want to joke about someone's death, start with your own family first.